Need help with stained stone

This development oiled their roads and created staining on the natural stone @ the exit. Did a demo for the hoa and they were pleased with the result and my price so I got the job.

Cleaned up well using 3500psi with white tip (no cleaning solution) but some darkened traffic lines still show. Any ideas about what to do? I’d appreciate any experience you could provide. Here’s some pix.

Thanks, Ross

Get ahold of Doug Rucker and get some BT-200

Thanks Clark. I’ll do that.

Ross Doug is on the forum here occasionally… Let us know how it turns out.

BT-200 is made by EatOils… it’s an enzyme based cleaner. May not clean it right away, and it may take several applications - but sometimes an enzyme cleaner is the way to go.

I would try a good degreaser with hot water first. May possibly give instant results, and may be cheaper.