Need help with tint removal

Hello, everyone. I need a little help. I received a call today for window cleaning and tint removal. The contractor tried to remove the tint but left the second layer, which is very thin. My heat gun isn’t working to get it off. Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can use?

Get one of your raggedy scrubbers. With your regular soap solution, wet the window, let it soak (dwell) on the window a few minutes and It will scrape off with a good scraper like on this site or a husky brand tile/glass scraper from Home Depot will work too. (respect that husky one. It’ll leave you needing stitches. Ask how I know. Is this storefront? If not, consider getting a scratch waiver signed. FYI excessive heat and glass don’t mix. It’ll start to blister and stuff at the molecular level. Once that starts, there is no going back.

Thank you it work big help😁

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