Need immediate help with light bulb (s)

Hey guys! I somehow ended up getting myself into an agreement to change bulbs for this building. They have odd lights and after I change the bulbs they still don’t work. It’s only two specific types. I initially thought ballast, but not on 5 sets now in a row… Need some help!

Did you directly touch them with their fingers


Of they hired you to change the bulbs amd they’re still not working then its not your fault and has nothing to do with you. Its time for them to call am electrician. Buy they still owe you for changing the bulbs.



If you got hired to just change light bulbs your job is done…

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Lol @JfromtheD.

Yeah I touched them with my fingers. I know I know, finger oil. They don’t get very hot though and they were so tough to get in I had to. Okay thanks for the advice. I switched them off and on and let them sit for like 30 minutes off. Seems to have reset something and several are working again. Here’s to sticking with windows and pw from now on. Cheers.


I work at a hardware store. And it’s not a joke. Use gloves if you want them to work correctly. You most likely got oil on the receiving end as well and that was causing issues.

Otherwise there is a wiring issue or ballasts.


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Did someone jack J account…

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