Need input on Commercial bid

First of all I’m in Oklahoma. Cost of living is super low so try to help me in correlating my prices. I’m bidding a senior living complex. Maintenance “cleans” the lower lever but they want to hire out the 2nd and 3rd story. Windows aren’t in too bad of shape except on the east side but overall they haven’t been cleaned for over 10 years. There are 1352 windows. Screens have to be removed (by us) from the outside because of residence on inside. I’m pricing it at $2 per window and $1 for each screen removed and brushed cleaned. Too low? Too high?

Sounds about right for the region. Third floor could use a slight bump in price, but could be doable.
Good luck.

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Thanks bud, You think $2.25?

Screens will take 3 times as long as windows, think about that.

Climb to remove bring to ground to clean and replace. Don’t forget to clean the wi die too. Many steps per window, many ladder climbs


That’s a good thought. The windows are in good enough shape to do with WFP. They didn’t ask for screens to be cleaned but we will be brushing them and the frames prior to cleaning. A few windows will need to be pre-scrubbed. SOO many ladder climbs. You think I should bump price up for screens? They also want a bi annual bid and annual bid. Any input on pricing as far as that goes would be great.

It’s just really hard to say without eyes in it. Sounds like the screens aren’t too much of a problem if you’re just going to brush. WFP should make it quicker. What is your time estimate and manpower?

Careful of the bi and annual bid thing. Did the building just change hands? Why had it been ten years prior? No breaks in pricing because of more work “down the road”

That’s a substantial amount of windows and screens to contend with. Personally, I think your price is low. How many on the crew do you have?

With that many windows, I’d use a lift (boom lift) if possible. To heck with laddering that much and expecting guys to run up and down a ladder that many times.

Were these screens designed and installed for removal from the outside? My only experience with removing screens from the outside has been with screens that were incorrectly installed backwards.

As long as they aren’t storm windows I haven’t had issues at least in my
area. I have a really small putty knife I use to just pop them up.

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Sometime on senior living community or hotels the screens a bracketed in or screwed in place.
(Double check on the screens)

Let me also make a suggestion get this tool for screen removal…