Need ipc eagle expert

cant get this cart functioning properly!

had bad pump and pressure relief valve.

got pressure setting procedures directly from IPC but unfortunately they’re closed for the wkend. I have a large wfp job monday.

i am only getting 90psi when valve is set to purify water and no waste water so it’s bypassing back into tanks for some reason.

it’s not a plumbing issue as i’ve gone over hoses a dozen times and walked through them with Kelly from IPC. Ive pulled hoses and filters too make sure i have water flow through each channel still no dice.

if anyone is knowledgeable about these or has had a similar issue. id appreciate the feedback!

One of these guys can help I’m sure.

@John @Jersey @Alex

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ive spent a week fooling with this thing. going nuts!

the only way i get waste water is too loosen relief valve but then pure water is at a tds of 40 and very low actual water pressure, but i have all new filters so should still be zero never had a problem before.

Sounds like you may have a bad relief valve. Call ma and we can get it fixed

its a brand new one i ordered from wcr

There must be a restriction somewhere between the top of the RO housing and the permeate water outlet. So you spoke with Kelly on this issue? What was his thoughts? I will call him on Monday and work it out

he just told me how too set pressure for relief valve but its not working. and have a large wfp job on monday

Ok so he will replace the valve and for Monday remove the valve and replace it with a standard ball valve and drill a 1/8 bit hole in the ball. That will work till we can replace the valve

Wouldn’t opening the valve slightly give the same effect of drilling a hole into the ball?

that’s what i thought. either way installed 1/2" ball valve with 1/8" drill hole and tds is at 26. even though all filters are virtually new.