Need To Use WFP!

Hello All. I’m in the process of doing a resi job, in, out,screens, sill’s,. As per the H.O. she wanted the interior done first. OK no problem. As I’m cleaning the windows I can tell the exteriors are really gonna need some TLC. I bought A WFP set up because my shoulders & Back are shot, I don’t wanna lug a ladder around. I’m thinkin of using a extension pole to pre-scrub the glass before I pure water it. There is alot of garbage on the exteriors. Should I use plain old water to pre scrub or add cleaning chemicals? I am still new to pure water cleaning so any help or suggestions are welcome & as always THANK YOU in advance.

Pre-scrub with GG4 and an aggressive sleeve such as Ettore Porcupine or Pulex MicroTiger (thanks Mr. Robinson.)

A hogs hair WFP brush works great on dirty or first-time residential cleans. It has coarse hairs and performs well, but you’ll notice more drag on the glass. It’s a bit heavier, too.

Scrub more, especially horizontally across tops and bottoms. Rinse, rinse, rinse!

Good luck.

If you have only di, it may be a good idea to give all windows a good scrub with the pole connected right to the hose. Then hook up and clean them again. Is there any way you can get access to at least check the second floor windows from inside before you leave? It sucks to have to go back and fix something that you couldn’t see.

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As much as I hate to say it, if they are really bad, like scrape me bad, then you just might have to ladder them, if it’s safe to do so.

Pure water alone will suprise you. Try it without pre scrubing first.

I’m all for pre-scrubbing, but like DeJay said, pure water might surprise you. And like Larry said, scrub lots and rinse lots.

Get an idea first of what a water fed pole will and will not do, before you go and make more work for yourself unnecessarily.

Thanks Guy’s and yes I can go inside & check how they are comming out.

Cement off De nature Alcohol is wonderful for outside window cleaning 8oz water 8oz Cement off 8oz De nature Alcohol
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I have been using a mop head by Vileda on my reach around Vileda - Sponge Mops Refills it’s lightweight and I pre soak it in GG4 and it gives me confidence in the WFP getting all the crap off. I am going to try a hogs hair brush soon too

Would you be open to a quick summary of “what a wfp will do and not do”?

A WFP will clean dirty windows.

A WFP will not form an exploratory committee to determine whether there is enough support for your 2012 presidential nomination campaign.

A simple solution…

Pull the middle of 2 pieces of steel wool open. Stretch each piece over one half of a 10 inch strip washer. Wet with pole, scrub, and BAM, clean as a whistle with minimal work involved :slight_smile: