Never seen screens like this

Hey everyone! (I feel like i’ve been asking for a lot of help lately. apologies if I’m becoming annoying)

I picked up 5 screens today to do mesh replacement, and I’ve never seen screens like this - it looks like the mesh is melted/glued onto a thin metal frame. I have no idea how to approach this.

From a small test, it seems I can pull the mesh off of the frame without much of a problem. My issue is, I don’t know the best way to apply a new mesh (specifically, the Pet Screening). Would I have to use a heat gun to ‘melt’ the screen to the frame? Or something like Gorilla Glue?

Anyone else have experience with screens like this?

be honest tell them you have no idea

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I did, thankfully. I sent them a text and said, “I’ve never seen screens like this before. I’ll look into it and keep you in the loop.” So they’re aware I may not be able to do anything, which afford me some breathing room.

I don’t have a problem learning something new, but I’m not sure where to start on this one. I also don’t have a problem admitting that this is beyond my ability, if that’s the case. Again, I don’t know how difficult something like this would be, so maybe I shouldn’t even attempt it.

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Want to follow-up:

I learned these are the new “FlexScreen” variants. They cannot have their mesh replaced; the only thing to do for a ‘repair’ is to completely rebuild the screen.

As for mesh, there are some variances, including a “Flexview Tuff” that is designed with pets in mind, but again: you’d have to have a manufacturer rebuild the screen for you.

I’ve let the client know, and forwarded info for a nearby company that makes these screens.

Maybe this will help someone else in the future.

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You seem to be running into a lot of weird stuff lately.

Is there a reason?

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Seriously… I don’t know if it’s because I’m starting to run a legit business instead of a side-hussle and I’m seeing things I haven’t seen before, or if it’s just my luck.

Knowing me, it’s probably the latter. Or I’m an idiot.

just the composition of what’s in your service area

a lot of “individual” type homes? (homes that aren’t luxury homes but a builder builds one, homes on a street are vastly different in architecture and materials)

or perhaps a wide array of age of homes? some areas massively spring up within 10 years and ething is pretty similar, other areas you have a spread of homes built from the 1940’s - now, that’s a lot of possible variety

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This is another reason I don’t do screen repair, too much headache and I spend the time getting window cleaning jobs.

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Yeah, if I get enough window cleaning gigs this year I might drop screen cleaning altogether. Unless I hire a guy to do that work for me. It does make good money, and keeps things going in the winter, and very few places around me offer it.

But yes, there are certainly some headaches.

Focus on your one thing and it will all come together.

I used to offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, screen repair, screen replacement, snow removal… blah blah blah

Narrowed it down and focused on what I could replicate easily with lowest costs on my end.


I have ONE customer with that screen/window system. They said if it gets ripped they have to get a whole new one.

It’s pretty slick really, it’s very flexible and just kinda folds in and out of the window frame.

Here in Louisville screen repair and window cleaning are like peas and carrots. It’s a pain having to carry around 50% more equipment but pays a lot more per ‘man hour’ than WC, especially porches.

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