New A vrs P movie

OH LORD DONT GO SEE IT. If you know whats good for you don’t bother. One of the worst movies I have ever seen. No story line, very little back story to even help guide you into the new movie. Acting was just the terrible, but then again most of the actors were no bodys. I kind of feel for them as they most likely got bad direction. It was directed by two brothers and IMO these two boobs should not even be allow to make a porno. But I have to say the very worst part was the happiness I saw on two characters faces at the end, even though their husband and father was killed just about 2 hours ago lol.

Are any of the SW movies better?

LOL Come on now. lol. SW has a story line. Good guy, bad guy. Everyone knows who’s who. Larry this was really bad. It was such a waste of free passes from my coke rewards bottle caps.

I highly recommend [I]No Country for Old Men[/I] and [I]Margot at the Wedding[/I].

dammit, I wanted to see the A vs P movie… I am not going to now. That is a shame.

I still want to see No Country…

I want to see no country also. The wife is visiting family for the holidays so I have tons of time to kill. the first two, even the 3rd AVP were not too bad. Good for a Sunday afternoon laying on the couch. They at least had a plot and story line. Don’t get me wrong. I love a mindless action movie. But this was just complete junk. And that’s coming from someone who’s standards on movies are pretty low. As long as I can walk out of the place, feeling like someone told me a story (good or bad) I’m OK with it. I saw the movie the other day and still can’t figure out what the whole point of it was.

Alien gets released back on earth. Predator gets distress signal from other predators and runs to help. Fight fight fight blah blah.

Here’s one part that got me when I left. The Aliens and the predators have no love for humans. To one they are just something to kill. To the other they are just something to fight and train against. But they made it seem as though once the Predator got the signal, he had to come save the earth. Why bother? If you fight humans and think they are weak and worthless why would you care if a monster got lose on their planet? What? You’re running out of training buddies?
That’s how bad the storyline is.

Just stupid. If they would have made it so there was reason why it came to help earth that would have at least been a decent back story.

Like most Coen Brothers movies, it will require multiple viewings.

Man Larry you had me nervous with the “Brothers” comment. AVP was directed by two brothers and I thought. OH NO NOT THESE TWO MORONS. But as it turns out they are the Strauss brothers. Maybe they should stick to auto parts or blue jeans. lol

I just watched that I am legend movie twice in a row. Yeah I liked it that much.

My past favorite Joel and Ethan Coen movies include Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Raising Arizona. No Country for Old Men definitely joins that list. I’ll throw in Bad Santa – they produced it.

Your (AVP2) Strause brothers appear to have been involved with some decent movies as visual effects folks, but don’t seem to have done any significant directing or writing to date (unlike the Coen Brothers.)

I was a little disappointed with Legend. It was the over use and really bad computer generated creatures… Like the rats…

What exactly made the “infected” so damned strong and extremely fast and nimble? I thought they were sick :smiley:

It was good other than the overuse of the cgi

Man I dont know why I did not get the reply on this one. But anyway. I want to see that movie. That one and that new cloverfield looks ok. But when I think about it, movies suck these days. Very little in the line of stories. Most of the ones I have seen drive me nuts when I figure how much they we willing to spend on a gamble. Plus they are all too dam long. I don’t want to watch a movie for 2 1/2 hours. That’s a whole night shot down the drain if the movie sucks. I just watched Rambo again for like the 20th time last week. You know what I love about those movies? 90 MINUTES lol. You can cook diner, eat it have 1 drink and the movie is over. Well maybe not over “NOTHING IS OVER! YOU JUST CAN’T TURN IT OFF!!!”

Did you see that new Rambo coming out next month?

Grandpa Rambo, I guess lol

I watched the trailer for it the other day - YouTube

It looks bad! Give me first blood any day.

I just bought First Blood the other day. I am introducing my son to that bad mutha of a flick this week.

According to my calculations, you’ve wasted at least 1,800 minutes of your life.

Were you a First Blood beta-tester?

Yes, I was first to view it. It pays to be well connected :wink: