New Apple iPhone Announcement?

Tomorrow is the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino.

Expect to hear an announcement of a new iPhone to address many of the current model’s shortcomings:
[]3G for faster internet use (currently EDGE. AT&T is updating its 3G network.)
]Longer battery life
[]Roll-out world-wide
]GPS technology and navigation
[]Improved input (currently touchscreen. Perhaps external keyboard and/or increased touch sensitivity/)
]Increased storage capacity (to 32GB? from current 8GB and 16GB models.)
[]Increased music download capabilities (currently iTune.)
]iPhone open platform software developer’s kit

George on my iphone…Cool!

Unfortunately only Verizon works around here.

So was anything announced?

I have a xv6800 for Verizon. Same thing as a HTC Mogul for sprint. I’ve hacked mine though, so it runs a little smoother and the GPS is fully functional. Gotta love these smartphones for keeping everything organized.

Nevermind, I just saw the Apple site. Looks like the biggest thing added was 3G internet and GPS, like llackzo speculated. Price is $199 now too, they probably won’t be able to keep these in stock.

$199 = 8GB model; 16GB model = $299. Both available 7/11/08.

The day Apple announced its new 3G iPhone, Samsung unveiled a Windows-based touchscreen phone.

The upcoming BlackBerry touchscreen phone is named Thunder and will be a Verizon product.


Are you an iphone guy? I want so bad… it would push my crippling internet addiction to new levels.

I do most of my wcr’ing from my Verizon Smart phone!!

They seem cool, but no. I have a crappy Nokia that gets grody and dropped all the time (no way to treat an iPhone) – very functional for me. My last one (same model) was ripped from my pocket in the pit at a Primus show! The one before that (same model) was run over, but worked (except for the screen.)

In a past career, I always had the latest-and-greatest hardware. Business partners needed users to test new products destined for executive staff. I was an enterprise BlackBerry user many, many years ago…

I’ll see how everything shakes out – I love BlackBerry.