New Batman

Anybody see it?

The hype is justified… it is an awesome movie

Yeah thats what I hear… Did you see it in IMAX?

No, IMAX was just insane busy on opening day. We will go see it again in a week there.

It is not a movie to “wait for the dvd”

Good movie overall. Personally liked alot of the special affects but…thought it was alittle long,so did a few in the theater as well.

On a side note…to bad about Heath Ledger too, there wont be a sequel with him.

I agree. The Joker is out there. Ledger was great.

I (and a few others in the theater) wished it was an hour longer. It is sorta like getting caught up in The Lord of the Rings movies, I was sad to see it end and starving for more.

I hope the dvd has an extended version.

C. Bale (batman) was arrested today for beating his mother and sister in London, in his hotel suite. Was released after paying an unknow amount of money.


I saw that today. I’ll bet he paid out the a$$.

On another note. Batman was the best movie I have seen in a long time. I didn’t even notice how long it was.

Great movie! Go see it!

I read that he was released without being charged.

it’s kinda like, who cares… it was an awesome movie.

If I concentrate on the real lives of most actors, I would hate them all. Instead I separate the two.

I think Tom Cruise is a freak (personally) but I like most of his movies. Unless they are molesting children, I don’t care.

Agreed 100%. Some of my favorite musicians are raging political nut cases. I’m not very political at all. But I dig the music for what it is no matter what the message may be.

Bat man was all it was Hyped up to be… And again aboout Heath Ledger… All i can say is he played an excellent role in that movie… The only reason i new how long it was. is tha tmy bladder was telling me it had been a LONG Movie LOL

I shut the whole company down and took the crew to see it opening day. (Same for Spidey 3 last year, and it will be the same for Watchmen in 09).

A couple things I didn’t like, but overall this is one of the the finest comic based movies since Road To Perdition. As superhero movies go, I rate it #1, with Iron man #2, Spidey 2 #3, Batman Begins #4, Spiderman #5, the NEW Hulk #6, Ghost Rider #7, Blade (first) #8, FF (first) TIE with Spidey 3 #9, Superman returns #10 & FF (2nd) #11. What did I miss?

I loved the Catwoman tease (did you miss it?) and I like the “hunted” ending, as that scenario has played out in the DCU more than once.

If you haven’t already picked up Gotham Knight, I highly recommend it, as it lands right between Begins & Dark Night, with a couple more new villians intorduced.

To date we have Rhas Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Mr. Zsaz, (did you miss him in Begins?), Deadshot, Killer Croc, Two Face & Joker. Not bad for 2 movies & an animated compilation.

I am baffled by the one & done of dent. I don’t get that, and wonder if a re-shoot was thought of after Ledger’s death. I am really sorry about ledger, I don’t anticipate anyone ever taking on the role of Joker again. It’s too bad, because he brought such a slam dunk to the part, balancing the maniac and the clown so well, DC could have filmed 4 Joker-centric sequels and made gazillions of bux on each. I don’t see any actor attempting to ressurect this role anytime soon, if ever.

I expect a re-done Riddler and a Catwoman in 3, if there is one. As long as joel Schumacher is never allowed anywhere near a Bat movie, I’ll be first in line.

if you’ve never read the Watchmen, go to your nearest comic shop & buy the TPB. You can thank me later.

other hot titles, and must reads currently are JLA, Fables, Jack of Fables, Nightwing, and yes, the re-launched Spidey has much of the humor and energy that was prevalent during my youth. It’s a very fun book again, even though they stood the entire PPTSSM universe on its head after OMD. Don’t give up on my boy Spidey - I almost did, until I realized I have aver 400 in a row & didn’t want to break the string.

Also keep in mind - the next couple years will bring the Thor movie, Captain America movie, (early tiltle: Captian America - the First Avenger), the Ant man movie, the Avengers movie - you DID stay after the credits at Iron Man, didn’t you?

there is a Wonder Woman animated movie and a live action movie, possibly a Flash movie, and possibly Green Arrow. If they do WW & Flash, they have the “original” JLA in place in the DCU - Batman, Supes, Wonder Woman & Flash. Add in a Martian Manhunter, GL or the like, and there’s a JLA movie waitnig to happen. I’m sort of glad hollywood is out of ideas and is turning to comics. It justifies my hobby!

Raod to Perdition, I Am Legend, A History of Violence - these were ALL graphic novels before they were movies. There was just an article in Time about how many studios are now scouring the comic racks for the next big novie. The Spirit comes out late this year or early next - 1940’s comic hero.

Comics? I thought this was a window cleaning forum! Who wants to talk pure water?

How 'bout them Packers?

I am a Packers fan… we are confued and disturbed right now.

As for Jeff’s very detailed review (on everything :))… you are serious about your comic movies.

What did you think of the X-Men movies?

Saw Dark Knight last weekend. We arrived late and the only seats left were front row. We were going to leave and try for another showing but we found 2 seats (not together) and enjoyed the flick. I certainly like this newer series of Batman movies. I hope there’s plenty more to come.

I’m sure they plan on coming out with another movie or two. I love how the new movies are so different from all past movies.

I went to the drive in last night and Dark Knight was playing on the screen next to the movie I was watching and I couldn’t help but keep looking over to see parts of the movie again. I would see it again in a heartbeat.

X-Men 1 was a very good interpretation of the X univirse in Marvel. All of the characters were true to form, I was a bit reserved about jackman as Logan, as he’s a bit slight of build for the character IMNHO, but his “berserker” rages were spot on.

X2 was a good flick, but the cracks started showing. It’s hard to glean which comic storyline they were going for exactly. As an action/comic movie it was well done. The angst of Nightcrawler was very good, the Collosus tease was great, and we start to dip into the tortured past of Logan.

X3, they lost me. I just don’t like how they tried to cobble together the dark Phoenix Saga, AND the “Cure” storyline. As is often the case in third installments, they really tried to make too much happen, on the off chance there wouldn’t be a 4th. But as is often the case, trying too hard to please everyone ends up disappointing nearly all of them. As it stands right now, there are no plans for a 4th. There was the nice tease at the end - you DID stay through the credits, right?

The next X film to come out will be Wolverine:Origins, I believe 2009 - might get pushed to 2010. A trailer was teased at ComiCon this past weekend.

I am cautious about this movie, as I am unsure that Jackman, as good as he is in the role, can carry an entire film. It smacks of money grab to me. We’ll see. If enough other mutants are cameoed or teased, they might be able to pull it off.

** GET THIS ** The other trailer that was shown? Tron 2! Imagine Tron with the CGI of today. This one just might be a must see.

But see Watchmen first. No, FIRST buy Watchmen, READ IT, then go see it.

They had to go darker with the Batman movies. After Joel Schumacher nearly destroyed the franchise, the fan base was ready to revolt.

Add to that the maturing of the true Bat fans, and it stands to reason that they would do an interpretation that is much more in line with the current incarnation of TDK.

I for one am very happy to see the camp of the TV show, and the original Batman movies (Keaton/Burton # 1 excluded) GONE!

They lost me with Penguin/Catwoman. The scene where catwoman is laying on Penguin’s bed & he says, “Ahh - just the pussy I’ve been looking for…” - I literally wanted to get up & leave the theater right then.

Jim Carrey did an astonishing job as Edward Nigma/Riddler, Tommy Lee Jones was way over the top as Two-Face. Two-face was a criminal prosecutor. he was a brilliant man driven mad by the accident. Not a clown (almost Joker like) with giant guns blazing, etc.

Arnold as Mr. Freeze, Bane as a non-thinking Neandrethal (he’s actually incredibly smart in the books) & Uma as a way too over the top not even close to sexy Poison Ivy were a complete debacle. Rubber nipples on the Bat suits? Are you kidding me?