New business glad to be here open to any advice

Hello wcr… I just quit my old window cleaning job because I was doing 100 percent of the labor(I was the only employee at my old job) and I thought why not start my own business… Ive been cleaning windows for about a year now and have done my homework on starting out on my own(marketing and so forth) but I realize that im new to this and can always learn more. I have stack gg4 sqeegees buckets etc but my main concern is marketing as much traffic into my business as possible…i have become obessed with everything that has to do with window cleaning and the marketing that comes with it … im working on a website… I have business cards and t shirts with my logo and phone number on them.if anyone has any ideas about getting new customers who have been successful doing so in the past id really like to see whAt u have to say(but im open to anyones suggestions)… I am on a low budget so please keep that in mind… glad to be a part of wcr