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Hello, my name is Austin and I have been reading on this site for a very long time wanting to jump into business myself. I grew up helping to run my fathers landscape company so I’ve seen the ups and downs of owning a service business, I decided that is my path to pursue. For the last year I have been a salesman, car sales and door to door roofing sales in a 100 miles radius. I am located in Lexington KY. So far, I have made a wix website, Facebook, email, polo shirts with my logo, cards, got $1,000,000 gen liability insurance, I am sole proprietor, I am able to devote all day everyday to this business (no current job) so this is a sink or swim situation. I bought boxes of white paper to print out fliers to start. I plan to hand out fliers to start, and go business to business and sell. My business is call Central Kentucky Window Cleaning and I will be targeting a 100 miles radius. I’ve done some jobs so far. I am offering window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing, I have small experience in all three. I want to grow fast to full time one man operation, if I do get too busy I do have help I can get at anytime with calls or cleaning. My question is, where can I get an example of a professional flyer? Where can I figure out local prices? I have a ladder that is 18 1/2 feet, how do I get higher windows without busting siding, how do I place the ladder so I do not damage anything? I apologize for so many newbie questions but hey I have to start somewhere right? How do you find the ideal neighborhoods to market?

Thank you

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome.
Flyer ideas? Do a Google search, keyword: “window cleaner flyer”. Peruse through and get ideas.

Window cleaning prices? This is subjective and depends on your region. I know, not a definitive answer - sorry. But most places found on a Google search do not really reflect “professional services” but rather a conglomerate of any service - which can include professional, sideline retiree business, college kid, etc. So I’ll give a wee bit of a shortcut and you will have to tweak YOUR price yourself. A standard window (double hung, or single pane, 3’ x 4’ in size) should be priced between $3 - $5. Some areas or circumstances more, but to go less you may not land a sustainable formula to be profitable. Decide if you want to “give away” tracks and screens, or charge a nominal, fair, amount for them too. You will soon learn that “FREE” in a cleaning service business is not free for the one providing it.

Ladder issues? Ladder Safety is NO JOKE. Be aware and learn ladder safety. Internet searches can be your friend or your big mistake if you expect the first site you stop at to be truth! Be judicious. A 24’ and 28’ ladder are pretty standard for 2 or 3 story. Depending on ground slope and access a 32’ might be needed? Get a ladder standoff. As far as damage - just be gentle when you place it.

Find ideal neighborhood? Google “Homes for sale” in your area. For price - start at $300,000, and you are off and running.


Thank you! Glad to be here


Thank you for the reply. I agree ladder safety if a must. Those prices seem reasonable to me as I just seen a local franchise charging a little over 5 for outside pane only I believe. What can an average joe hand out (number of fliers) a day working all day? I’m trying to get an idea of what my next few weeks might look like, again thank you both for the replies.

I have two color printers and boxes of papers but where can I get a nicely designed flyer made at? Any recommendations? Thank you

My very first flyers that I dropped off at peoples homes were done on my home printer. Do 4-color if you choose this route and make them short and sweet and to the point. After one or two jobs you can afford to order good quality door hangers from just about any printer. Compare prices and place your order. They will pay for themselves in the first one or two jobs.

That is what I will try. Debating on half pages or full. What is the best method with sticking them to the door?

Can I expect a 1-3% return?

Fit four or even six to a sheet of paper, depending on how you design it, and cut them out.
Each neighborhood you should get a few responses.
It is A NUMBERS GAME. Good luck.

@CentralKentuckyWC your biggest asset here is going to be that search bar at the top


@CentralKentuckyWC the advice I give to those starting out… find someone that has built their company to where you hope your company to be one day. Find several of these guys, build a relationship, network, and imitate. @Chris has a book that has loads of great information for setting your business up at the beginning for success. … You could spend $99 on a lot worse things. Good Luck!


what do you all think about this? Something to experiement with, 2x per piece of paper. I have two boxes of papers (3000 pages total = 6000 fliers) want some opinions before I start printing these out. Thank you

Absolutely! I am going to also go to some local business networking events to start.

This is great advise, many people think of these other businesses only as competition. In many cases I believe you will find people similar to those here who are willing to assist with the process.


Just my 2 cents…But that might be a bit too wordy…There really isn’t anything that POPS out at you there. Generally, people are lazy and the chances of many people taking time to read all of that is very…very low. You need something to make them pay attention.

Here is an example of a gutter cleaning post card I made. ( by no means is it the best example…I had not yet created a website…but it will give you an idea of how short and to the point you want it…with colors and font that jump out) I created it on Microsoft Publisher ( you can get an online subscription to Microsoft Office for about 10 bucks a month…Publisher and Power Point are included and are great ways to create flyers and post cards. I printed mine out on card stock and handed them out to prospects…I even made some up for Commercial & Storefront.

Also…a VERY important marketing tool…Give them a call to action…give them a reason to call you…NOW…


Gotta put boots on the ground. Drop hangers. Count up the front and left side and multiply by 2. That gives you a pretty good window count for cookie cutter neighborhoods. Leave the exterior price only on the hanger. If they bite cool beans. If they want the interior done even better. Adjust the interior pricing to compensate for any windows above your hanger count. And don’t forget to charge for interior ladder work.

Less text, more attention getting. KISS - Keep It Simple See?


I love that! I agree with you on being to wordy and not jumping out. I am going to get the publisher today. I have paper to print it out on but is card stock a lot more expensive or harder to print? This is a sink or swim situation for me so I wanna get as much work from the get go as possible, I’m not afraid to invest some money into it if I know it’ll get me a decent return or ATLEAST break even.

This! I like it! Did you make this on publisher? I am most definitely seeing that simpler is much more effective. When I did roofing sales, I would leave door hangers in every door, those door hangers had paragraphs on it, I never got a door hanger call haha. I really appreciate ALL of the feedback from everyone, this sight has been such a huge help even before I made a profile.

So you give a ballpark estimate on the hanger? I like that. Does that seem more effective by doing that?