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I have had several conversations with different people that have all said that one of the unique things about almost any residential service like WC is how the snowball effect of new customers will come from just one or two of my first jobs. Has anyone else had this experience?

I also had a conversation with a friend at church tonight telling him about expanding my scratch glass repair business into a residential window cleaning service and he said if you will start by simply doing a good job but more importantly being at the house when you say you will [U]consistently [/U]you will slowly but surely get more work then you can handle. Does this sound right?

Thanks Gary

Brad what your fellow parishioner said certainly helps. You would do well to take advantage of free internet advertising and local media, what you can afford, such as newspaper and phone directory. One of my former employees has actually gone door to door and had some success that way as well.

Absolutely Gary. Word of mouth is possibly the most powerful way to build your business. Doing a good job and punctuality are the focal points many customers are looking for in someone to refer to their friends.

Yes it can snow ball but be careful.
My girl friend at the time and I started cleaning windows in the denver area 14 years ago.
I want to share one of my worst mistakes with word of mouth advertising.
I had been an empoyee for several years and was used to making about $12 an hour so when I started on my own I was wanting about $20 an hour thinking this was good money. Well for this area I was charging too little and got the reputation as the cheap guy. My training was great and my focus was on quality but the people that I was attracting were looking for low prices.
It took me a long time to reverse this trend and today I have hardly any of my original clients.
My point is simply this:
Be careful how you sell yourself.

Yup. Agree. I am in the process of steering my company away from lower end clients. Way too much work and they can be just as much as PITA as highend. I have a little over 200 clients now. Average price is $325. I’m working too much for the headache and the money. I would rather have 200 clients at $1000 each. Then I can just deal with the headaches.

So true. I’ve seen a quite a few new service providers pop up in my area recently, going by names along the lines of “Discount window cleaning service” or “budget cleaning”
This seems like such a horrible idea to me!

But yeah, focus on quality, puncuality and friendliness and you’ll get refs.

Thanks everyone for your imput and suggestions. My plan for introducing my WC service is to continue my glass scratch repair business because it is still getting calls and is very profitable. For example I will do a set of six french doors on Tuesday and Wednsday for $1200.00 and if I was ready to start window cleaning I would casually mention to the home owner that I also have a WC service.

My guess is that unless she has a immediate member of the family cleaning her windows I bet she would love to have me clean her windows. Heck If I can make scratches go away regular dirt and grim must be a breeze.
I could be way off but I have nothing to lose. Gary

That sounds like a good “in” Gary, I bet you’ll be succesful.

Another thing you can do is turn your invoices into marketing material.
IE, at the bottom of your scratch repair invoice include a coupon with an expiration date for your window cleaning service.
I have done this with success to promote holiday lighting to my window cleaning customers.

I must also make sure to give Kevin (PanelessPerfection) credit/thanks for this idea. The man is a genius.

And here is where to get a copy of his quick-growth marketing book:

What a great idea. I would of never though of that, coupon at the bottom of
my invoice. Thanks

You have a very good opertunity here. Being you have the scratch repair business you should already have a list of clients who care about their windows. I would hit them up first and let them know you are now offering the service. Also might be a little easier for you to offer up a maintainence agreement for multiple cleanings being their windows have been scratched already. Sell them on the “Professional care” and how allowing just anyone to clean the windows can increase their chances of having to call you again because of a scratch. BTW you will get referrals and I have heard churches are a good place to get them. I don’t know 100% as I don’t go to church and don’t advertise in their news letters.

Wow, Doug & Larry (& Phil), I need to start putting you guys on payroll!

Thx for the props


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Excellent point about the expiration date!!


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