New competitor advertising they will "beat any price by 10%"?

Has anyone seen this type of advertising used before for residential? The fine print is “beat it by 10%” or they won’t clean it.

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Thats a great way to beat yourself right out of business lol



My issue is that he/she is advertising heavily in the area. The territory is competitive.

Am I wrong for being concerned this will be very bad for business in my area? The effect on pricing. And the possibility that this competitor will steal enough business to stick.

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I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it. If a customer takes your estimate and then has another company come out and give another bid, they likely aren’t the type you are looking for. They are price hunters and will likely be always looking to save a dollar or two.



Thanks for your response.

Would you reconsider if this competitor is heavily advertising EDDM to homes within your territory?

My initial thought process is that some of my repeat customers could be lured into trying their gimmick of beating any price by 10%.

Or for an established customer, do you think the incentive of 10% off isn’t enough motivation for them to go through the process of switching services?

Building a strong residential business with repeat customers is a long slow process. Eventually you can get to a place where word of mouth will spread and you won’t have to worry about your competitors. If you stay small you will not even have to advertise down the road and your customers will pay top dollar for you even if they’re offered a discount from a competitor.


Your competitor is using a reasonable technique for getting
his business up and going. 10% less isn’t low balling.
He may actually take some of your business
too. That’s business. Like TexsRich said though, don’t lose
too much sleep over it.


You said 10% less or we won’t do it…well yeah, if they can’t beat your fair price then you don’t lose it. That said, @TexasRich is right.
I am fortunate to be in an area with some great cleaners and there is enough glass to go around, even for the bucket bobs. I let them have all the 10+ yr glass and demi-ghettos.


If someone offered to clean my carpet for even 20% less than my current guy, I wouldn’t do it. I like him, his work, and he takes care of me without question. Window cleaning is no different, residential customers place an entirely different value on service providers. Storefront customers really only see it as a piece of glass, nothing else, so they’d be more likely to take the 10%.


Ya you ain’t kidding !! You know all the Groupon people are calling them , an sayin here ya go beat this price. Lmao :joy:
Groupon on top of a Groupon , double coupon day Bam💥
Clean these dirty windows that haven’t been cleaned in 20 years, an ya know the Groupon guy doesn’t have an up charge for extremely dirty windows , which most of the time they are. Ya not good Mr 10% guy

The more you study up on marketing, the less you’ll care because you will be creating instead of paralleling, if you do what they do then they are dictating your marketing strategy

in the end, usually the wrong customer is one who would respond to this first for the offer, most are probably calling just want their windows cleaned first


I couldn’t agree more with this thought process. If your doing it right, your regular residential customers will be rock solid. For most of our residential customers it’s become a matter of trust and comfort.

The customer know who you are, what they’re gonna get and when they’re gonna get it.
Why is McDonald’s huge? Uniformity. No surprises.

10% off guy has a solid tactic, but if you have handled your customer relations right, I wouldn’t worry.
We send thank you cards, mention their animals and specifics from conversations. Build yourself into their idea of normalcy and you’re their service provider for life.:sunglasses::money_mouth_face: