New Construction job requires no razors. Has heat reflective coating on all four sides

What is the best method to clean these windows?

Let someone else do it.
Or find out from the manufacturer exactly what can and cannot be used to clean the glass.
If there is any paint overspray or stucco or cement or tape residue or silicone then you need to know what can be used. Those coatings are so dodgy and easy to scratch…

Yup, somtimes the best thing you can do for your business is to refuse to do certain jobs.


Hard pass.


Tell the Contractor to have the folks who mucked them up to clean them, then on to the next job.
If you absolutely must take such a job on, have the contractor sign a binding waiver that doesn’t hold you responsible for someone else’s sloppy work.

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I recently closed off my business to post construction removal. Simple hard no on anything non general window cleaning.

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Pass on this, imagine the headache and then realize you can’t even imagine how frustrating this will be.

i wouldn’t even consider it, and for the GC’s sake i hope he covered himself with every precaution possible

i can see the manufacturer advising on how to remove stucco and paint on those panes: soap and warm water

yeah right

subs should really be backcharged for their mess, they’d never let it happen again that’s for sure lol

Unfortunately coatings are driving the float glass industry. Esoteric products like superabrasive plastic powders and high tech organic solvents will be necessary to clean them. Nonroutine cleaning if needed will be addressed as restoration work. The future is now! Trivalent waivers will become absolute necessities.