New Corporate Contract: Why Me?

I spent time writing my blog, and I don’t want to write it twice. Would you prefer I copy/paste the content?

So let me get this straight - in your country your government run insurer lets you claim (or not) that you did (or not) use a ladder in your business.

Here in the States I pay for up to 3 stories - ladder or WFP, my choice, same price. Anything over 3 stories takes a huge jump. The insurer does not accept that I say I won’t use a ladder.

Correct, we have to report ladder work. If we have our feet on the ground, it doesn’t matter how HUGE our pole is.

My blog was a comparison of Trad pole with Ettore Backflip vs. ladder. At no time did I mention WFP. And I would challenge anyone that claims WFP is faster on a 2 story hotel.
Including costs, and set up times, I doubt WFP is faster on a straight forward job like this.

It makes no difference to me. I usually don’t click links and read blogs just for the sake of time. I prefer a summary to a lengthy blog post but I was just curious.

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Its obvious SEO spam to me.