New Corporate Contract: Why Me?

Hi guys,
I am new here, and newly independent and registered (no more sub-contracting, thank god).
I just did the window cleaning on a hotel: Comfort Inn in Pickering, and I was baffled regarding why they picked my business “Dan The Window Man”, and why they went for so long without a window cleaning company.
I wrote a blog about it, what do you think http:// /blog/ comfort-inn-window-cleaning-pickering.html)

Why do you say that WFP cleaning should be cheaper than traditional with ladders? My pricing formula is the same for WFP as it is for traditional. If I get done faster with WFP then that is compensation for the WFP equipment and supplies costs.

Good comments re: the tree. They look nice but I get annoyed when I am N2N (Nose 2 Needles).


Where I live, I pay more in WSIB (government mandated insurance), for ladder work. It is basically a 3% to 15% difference. So if I can do a job without a ladder, I save over 10% of my income.



Oh and, by the way, I did not use WPF. I did the trad, pole method.

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and take twice as long to do it with a pole for half the results.

Nope. Wrong friend. Maybe you do, and maybe you need to learn.

Guys, I am new to this forum, but I have been working at this for over 20 years, please don’t be a little sh!t and say stupid stuff like “twice as long for half the results”

Honestly, #leavingnc if you need more training that is fine, I would be glad to help.

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Oh dear…gots us a troll in the house!

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The contract was done in 5 hours with the traditional pole and “switch-back” and the client was really happy. I know that WFP has its place, but there is no way that I could justify the extra cost when I could do it the regular way.

Are you ok?

How many times have you actually USED a water fed pole?

It certainly DOES cut the time… Time is money and time doesn’t scale.

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i’m fine, why do you ask?

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So how does this work really? If you use the ladder through the course of the year you pay the insurance cost, if you do not use the ladder but a few times during the course of the year you are paying less for insurance? How does your insurance carrier monitor how often and at what risk you do/or do not use the ladder?


So true. The investment in ladders, trad poles and assorted needs to perform is cheaper than a good water fed pole setup. So makes no sense to charge less for a larger investment.


Ya…I do not get this either. If you pay WSIB, you pay WSIB on ALL jobs. If you use ladders and they have you at a higher rate, pretty sure it stays that one rate.

And you are hurting the industry charging less because of your reasoning but that’s your choice.

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Charge the same rates because initally you can ladder this and make it super clean then in future cleans you can waterfed it because its not nearly as bad as the first time.

It is simple yet complicated, WSIB insures window cleaners in Ontario in 2 separate classifications, one is simply Window Cleaning (3%)and “At Hights Window Cleaning” at like 13% or something close to that.
You are expected to report your time/income window cleaning with or without a ladder separately.

So if I decide I can do a job without a ladder, and do it well, then I can pass a 10% savings onto my client, if I so choose.

Normally I would agree with you, but in this case (and many others) the Managers are limited by a budget. For example, let’s say this Hotel has a window cleaning budget of $600 per year.

They are either allowed to get their windows cleaned, if under $600, or they are not.

Head office does not give a flying sh!t what we window cleaners consider “industry standard.”

So either we figure out a way to fit them into our business model, or they just don’t get cleaned. Period.

This job, I met the criteria for Insurance and WSIB. I do not know what their budget was from head office, but I was approved. And, I completed the job at a rate of $100 per hour with Traditional Pole and my Ettore Backflip.

Why do you put a link to your website in every topic you create? Makes me think you’re mostly trying to get people to visit your site.

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