New enclosed trailer setup

Here is our new trailer setup for window cleaning and pressure washing.

New trailer


I have to say if there is anything better than a van it’s a trailer. Very nice !!

What size pump do you have on that PW?

What did you do with the floor is that Heruliner ?

Plan on getting it wrapped ?

Is it possible to see what your signs look like. I’m getting signs done by a sign shop.

Thanks! The pw is a 4gpm. The floor is painted with a marine-grade paint from the manufacturer and has a lifetime warranty! I don’t downstream so it shouldn’t see too much chemical from spills and such.

I will be getting it lettered, hopefully soon. The other trailer wasn’t so I’m looking forward to having a moving billboard.

You can actually get a pretty good view of the signs in the video. We just get them from vistaprint.

I love having a trailer because then I can use my truck for other things too. This one is bigger than I’m used to so I hope parking room isn’t an issue. For the most part we work in large developments so I think we’ll be ok.

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Nice, man!
You have a very calm/pleasant demeanor.


it’s sweet. i dig the whole thing. impressive plumbing too. i wish we could get away with trailers, but too much urban/metro type traffic and neighborhoods here. parking would be a nightmare too often.

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Thanks! @Skipper @JfromtheD @c_wininger

Good luck with it BTW

My ultimate set up would be a trailer like yours with a Dodge Ram 4x4.

I just didn’t trust myself with a trailer So I opted for a van.

Nice work!

I have to admit I’m a little jealous. I wish I could pull an enclosed trailer with my rig :pensive:


Looks like a very nice and organized setup.

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Nice, I like it a lot. Good ideas on the plumbing.

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Is the pressure washer gravity fed from your tank?

Haha, that’s adorable.

I’ll have to snap a few pics of my flatbed trailer when I start up power washing this year. It’s sort of a funny sight when a 4x8 trailer is just as long as the tow vehicle :sunglasses:

It relies on the pw pump to draw water from the tank. The tank isn’t big enough to create enough water pressure on it’s own to prime the pump when I first start so that’s why I put in the bypass. The water pressure from the house then primes the pump, and then i switch back to the tank.


Nice trailer!

Looking forward to seeing wrap/lettering.

Have a Great 2016!

You could find a light weight trailer and outfit it for your needs.


Haha, cute. that’s a little tight for my needs. I’m thinking what I’ll do with my flatbed is have some type of canvas top that I can pull over everything to keep it a little more protected from the elements. Everything moisture sensitive will be in my weatherproof totes.

Could have an aluminum truck topper company manufacture an enclosure for your flatbed. Arrow Trailers here in St. Pete can make any configuration. They are made from aluminum square tubing and aluminum sheeting; you’ve seen aluminum truck bed toppers. Different door and access options can be built in, and all of your stuff would be dry and secure from wandering hands.