New England Restoration Work

I have a building right now located in Chelmsford Mass with hard water spots. Two levels and first surface low e factory coated glass. There are about 3 to 5 hundred windows. Only about 40 are badly stained. The first level is from sprinklers and the second is from efflorescence from the brickwork. I tested by hand with a silica compound and some 0000 steel wool. It came off pretty. Very very slight abrasion. But when treated with Nanovations NG1010 that disappeared. I am sure some white cerium a flat felt pad and a polishing machine around 1000 rpms would work well. I priced this at 100 to 125 a plate, Am guessing about 45 minutes per plate. Most plates are on the first floor. All glass in the building should be cleaned first to locate every window that needs restoration. Also there are about ten on the inside that need to have a plastic film/solar removed. I really need companies in New England that do this kind of work and post construction. Especially non routine window cleaning. Please get back to me at


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