New Ettore rubber catching on the glass

I have noticed recently that my Ettore rubber catches in some spots when I am fanning. It doesn’t look like they are putting powder on the rubbers anymore. I have to use a lot of soap for it not to happen.

Anyone else have the same problem?

Glad I am not the only one.

@JaredAI had an issue with it awhile back. Maybe he can chime in and let you guys know how he work out the issue.


Sounds good.

Try out the black diamond hard rubber. Way smoother action than Ettore.

I’ve got an unopened box of a dozen 36" ettore that I ordered, just in case I didn’t like the BD. I have no idea what to do with it now…

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Yeah, they changed their packaging I think. They used to come packaged with a white powder all over them. So I tossed some baby powder in one of my new cases and it seemed to do the trick. You can also soak one in your soapy bucket before using but the baby powder seems to work.


Black diamond rubber is also my go to.

Im sure the “unopened box of a dozen 36” ettore" will get used!

Try Jared tip(s) maybe then you can put them to use.

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I’ve stopped buying Ettore because it has sucked so bad lately

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Yup, they need to get their act together and go back to what made them great.

Thanks everyone for the advice! Might have to try the Black Diamond rubber

How do you like it Steve?

Thanks Alex! Do you find the BD works in all climate conditions?

It is very humid in Louisiana this time of year. I used to be able to use Ettore all year. It has not worked to well lately

i buy the professional brand hard rubber from wcr and not only is it half the price but it’s much better in my opinion

I like it a lot Chad

  • the glide is great, nice sharp edge.

  • the only down fall it has is it wears a little faster on the edges then ettore or unger when you fan windows.

  • but with how well it glides and works it out weighs it’s down fall.

Give it a try I use the hard rubber.

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Ok. Thanks man!

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Do you find it works in all weather conditions? What other rubbers have you used? I was considering going back to Unger.

i like the hard ruber from about 60 degrees up. it’s been the most consistent and best results/longevity balance of all the rubbers i’ve used and i’ve tried

black diamond

black diamond is the second best but it wears out twice as fast.

for what it’s worth i use 90% liquidators, and i think hard rubber works best with them, though the professional brand soft works well when it’s cooler too.