New girl here

Hi just found your website…I’ve owned my company Crystal Clear Window & Gutter Cleaning for 10 years and yes, I am a woman who owns and works the business…It keeps me in good shape for sure…looking forward to learning and sharing some new ideas…any other female owners out there?

Welcome aboard!

There are quite a few woman members here…

Welcome to the lions den. Just kidding. :wink:

Looking forward to your contributions.


There are a bunch of female owners here.

welcome…I am a WCR Addict

Hey there wndwgrl. Welcome!

hey - welcome to wcr! i am still relatively new here but i love it. i have learned so much from these guys and had a bunch of laughs!
i am a female owner/operator!
i will tell ya - read the message board(s) and be a sponge! it’s very informative.

Welcome aboard, to the number one window cleaning resource

Welcome aboard. Join in and ask all the questions you want.

Howdy. Welcome. This forum rocks. Tons of good info.

My wife is also a WNDWGRL.

She’s also my boss.

She can be a WNDWGRRRL sometimes.

Welcome wndwgrl. My wife and I work together. Enjoy the forum.

Hi Windowgirl
Did you appear in the AWC mag a while back? I seem to remember your trading name.

Hi Welcome to the board. I am a woman, new to the business and the folks here have been great in helping me with ideas and encourangement. Looking forward to learning from a woman’s perspective & a pro as well!

Joie ~ N. CA

nope not me…

Why does it always come down to gender!!:confused:
Can’t we all just be window cleaners. We live in a society that claims to be color and gender blind! In a world where…

I’m just kidding, the women on this board have lots of good advice and sometimes approach problems from a different angle that some of us clowns don’t see at first. Kudos to them and what they bring to WCR.


Welcome wndwgrl I’m windowboy. I love your name selection.

Greetings and success!!!

Welcome. You won’t find a more relaxed or enthusiastic forum.