New guy in Kansas

Hey all. New guy here. I’m in central Kansas about an hour north of Wichita.

I’m just starting everything up. Probably doing this backwards since I have a website up and business cards ready but only one customer signed up so far. if anyone wants to give me any critiques on that part. I am going out prospecting for clients tomorrow!

I’ve got basics, squeegees and scrubber. My wife comes from a family where window washing is their business, so she’s my trainer and advisor. If I can land a big account in town ($400ish) I’d say it was worth it and I’d want a waterfed pole. However I have very little cash to invest in it. Even the basic Tucker set up, which I can get for $750, is cutting it close for me. So if anyone is selling used equipment, especially a pure water system, or can direct me to a diy that’s straightforward, I’d be grateful!

The goal is to replace my current income (not much…) with an eventual goal to grow and expand.
Thanks for any responses and feedback! It’s nice to know there is a community out there. YouTube videos end on end can make someone crazy!

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome! And congrats on getting started! You’ll find all the information you need here.

Welcome aboard …


Welcome to the family, I am very happy to see that window cleaning runs in your wife’s blood!

I wouldn’t say you did it backwards, business cards and a website are two crucial aspects of any business. So I think it’s an amazing start.

Don’t be in toooo big of a rush to get a wfp. Get it in your second year or third… you’ll love it so much more…

Or get an interest free business credit card from spark business and buy it now… but until you get the complete nitch of window cleaning you will not truly understand how amazing a wfp can be…

Ask any true professional window cleaner and they will admit that traditional WC is still very important and a major part of their wfp WC business…

I don’t believe there is a single WFP only business… if there is, they are using other expensive methods to complete the same outcome…

Best example is if a house hasn’t been cleaned in years, it is always best to wash them traditionally first them maintain them with wfp… I’m no expert on wfp. I have only 25-38 hours on a wfp before I assembled my own setup of which I have only put 3 hours on it due to the winter. So I’ll let the experts speak for themselves.

Everything we teach you, you will have to decide what you can use, and what you should just recycle. Every situation is drastically different once you get past the basics.

Keep moving forward!

Thanks! I mainly want the waterfed pole for this one possible account which would otherwise mean tons of squeegee pole work.

Good luck man!

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Good Luck From Ohio.

Yea I love that song JaredAl. Always crank it up and sing my guts out. LOL !
They played an outdoor lawn type concert in Columbus a few years ago with The Ohio State Marching band and it rocked. All the classics.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!