New guy in town with some questions

Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking this site for some time now and I wanted to introduce myself. I also have some questions! I’m 20 years old, currently living in New Jersey, and I’m looking to start my own business window cleaning. I am currently looking for nice squeegees/t-bars, stuff to practice with to get the technique going. I really appreciate all the resources on this website and the community as a whole.

As I’m researching this business, there’s a few things I’m concerned about.

  1. How can I start using ladders and getting on roofs for cleaning skylights or non-easily accessible windows? Is this something that I MUST do if I choose to do residential? The ladder is a scary thing for me, because I have no experience, but I am willing to learn the safety aspects to do it. How exactly can I start to gain the right knowledge to do this? This touches on another question, is it okay if I go inside the homes to remove the outside screens without doing it from outside first?

  2. Are there any things you wish you knew that you’d like to pass to a young man like myself?

I look forward to meeting you all and being a part of this community, and one day to be able to help other people with my own gained knowledge.

you can choose your customers and your jobs. i do residential with wfp we carry a 16’ multi ladder for getting on garage rooves where they block windows but nothing higher for ladders. there used to be a wfp company here that had no ladders period. if your canvassing just skip the houses you don’t want, if i get offered a job i don’t want ii say no politely of course. inside high windows are done with a pole and moerman squeegee.

Ladders made me nervous too when I started, then I realized that if I knew how to make a ladder secure I would be ok. So, get a good quality ladder and adjustable legs and ladder mitts are a must have. A stand-off is also a must for roof access. The mitts are fine for just putting the ladder on a wall. Then there are some ladder use guidelines. Belt buckle rule : when reaching from the ladder always keep your belt buckle within the side rails. Always have 3 points of contact with the ladder: 2 feet, 1 hand. When positioning the ladder and getting the right angle: For every 4 feet up the wall, put the feet 1 foot away from the wall : The ladder touches 20ft up the wall and the feet are 5 feet away from the wall.
I almost always remove screens from the inside even if I am only doing the outsides.


Being comfortable on ladders comes from using ladders, period. I personally wouldn’t be as comfortable as I am now if I hadn’t been trained by the best. A 40ft ladder seems crazy at first, but when you have people helping you and you use it for a year or two it becomes second nature. Just going at it by your self is going to be hard. You need to know how to move them, how to load them on your vehicle etc. That stuff only comes with experience, preferably with working with someone that knows what they’re doing.

As far as the little things, get a squirt bottle and holster. abc 32oz Nylon Window Washing Bottle Holster

And a bucket on a belt Moerman Clip-On Blue Hip Bucket

Now you don’t have to climb down to wet your mop. And you aren’t holding your mop and the ladder in one hand.

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Thanks for the safety info, what I might try is to get a job with a big window cleaner in my area to learn first, but my current job is secure and I make decent money so I don’t know, maybe I’ll learn as I go, just practice going up and down at first and slowly progress.

Thank you for this info, the squirt bottles a great tip for places that you can’t bring your bucket. Referring to the bucket on a belt, Do you think that I should buy one of the kits on the website? I really like the Moerman kit.

Moerman is what I use…


Where in New Jersey are you?