New guy

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking about getting into the window cleaning business
for some time now. I am not sure with this uncertain economy we are dealing with rite now. Any advice be it negative or positive will be helpfull.


Jump around this board and ask a lot of questions. Our users will gladly give you any advice they can.

Oh Hello Joseph!

Hello Joseph. Most of us started out in your shoes. Good luck. We are here to help.

Hey Joseph! In any economy starting a business is hard. Rembere,You can’t fail if you never try.

Hey Joseph,

Starting a business is easy but maintaining a company is hard in any economy, extra tough now.

I would start off pt to get your feet wet and build a little base and experience. Keep another job to generate a regular cash flow.

If you are serious about making money, you will need to understand how to get business. I would definately start with this-

And start creating a business plan right now. Know exactly what you will need/want to make and what you will need to do to get there. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

do it during free time, then go part time, then after the pieces start coming together…make the step…

I stepped out in October this year full time and never looked back, and man I’m glad I did. If you work hard and have drive, economy status is void

Get educated on both the marketing and technical sides of running a business.

I find Go-Go bars and naked dancers have the best advice.

You always go with the obvious choices.

“obvious” to guys who have clear vision. I am afraid it was just by coincident that I learned the value.

I was being carried out of one and my face hit the door leaving a smear mark. I was immediately ‘urged’ to volunteer to clean the window(s).

The judge seemed to agree.

Upon my return visit and during my ‘volunteer work’ I over hear some dialog about ‘tips’ and pasties.

Needless to point out to the group how awesome the idea seemed to me…at the time.

Wow, didn’t realize that. I guess I better stop asking my 3 year old for advise and head to the nudie bar.

Welcome. As far as a start up business wcing is one w/ a very low start up cost. That should make it a little simpler to get going. Start w/ a few store front accounts to get your feet wet.

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