New Guy

Just signed up on the site. Thad Eckhoff referred me to it. I have been doing power washing and painting for over three years now. Hope to learn a lot about window cleaning here so I can add to my services. Need to do everything you can in this economy to keep things going.

Welcome, use the search key and you will find all you want to know. Or ask lots of ?

Hello Doug, I remember you from the other pressure washing forums. Glad you’re here!

Welcome Doug!

Hey Doug,


Waz Up!

Any friend of Thad’s is a friend of mine…

Anyone who is a friend of a guy with a name as COOL as “Thad” is okay with me, too.

I can’t believe I feel for the R rated video trick!!! Kevin, you are a true marketing master. :cool:

Sorry, Mike.

You didn’t read the fine print below :slight_smile:

Welcome Doug. We’ll need a nickname for you as we already have a slew of Dougs.

What’s wrong with the economy ? :smiley:


Hey Doug!

Thanks for the welcome. Been reading alot the last few days. Lots of good info. How is the PW biz going Micah?

Dead. I sold most of my equipment. The economy zapped some of my larger contracts. I started marketing towards residential and then the drought strikes. The equipment wasn’t being used, so I sold it.

Since then I’ve had better success marketing just window cleaning. Kinda hard for a 1 man show to run two different businesses.