New Hose Reel from RHG Products Company (Reach Higher Ground)

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Looks like a nice product Shawn. I just ordered a RHG reel on Sunday. I wonder if it’s the new alloy aluminum one you’re showing there in the video or the older plastic one? Any idea? Or perhaps I should call and ask Alex.

Is 150ft the max the reel will hold of 3/8" hose?


You got the new one. I saw the order being processed.

Tony, it will hold more, exactly how much, not sure.

Issue with how much hose a reel will hold is some people wrap up the hose much tighter/neater than the next person and that allows for more.

It looked like it might hold 200ft fairly easily to me. Just curious. Thanks Shawn.

Cool, then I’ll be sure to try and leave a review for it after I get to try it out. I know how much reviews help me in deciding what to buy. The hose you show there is 3/8, that’s thicker than the aquadapter hose, right guys? What thickness is that, 5/16?

I believe it’s standard pole hose size on the AquaDapter so it should be 5/16". Could be a close metric equivalent though since it’s a UK product. :wink:

AquaDapter hose is 8mm.

I was close since 5/16" is 7.9375 mm :wink:

Ahhh, too bad close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades Tony. Thanks Shawn.

Don’t forget nuclear missiles. :wink:

I also ordered mine this weekend. Did not know about the plastic ones. Glad i ordered this weekend! Don’t know if i would have liked it if it were plastic. Can’t wait to check it out!

I’ll be leaving a review in the store after I actually get to use it, but I just wanted to tell everyone here really quick that I got my new RHG hose reel yesterday and it took me about 15 minutes to put together. It looks really strong. Nice product Shawn. Thanks. I was sad though to see I’m going to have to use 3/8 hose on it, or at least to hook up to the connector that comes with it, cause I like using 5/16. But I’ll just have to buy some 3/8 and try out both.

Just got mine yesterday! Just like Shawn, it took me about 15-20 minutes to assemble. Ordered some 3/8 hose also. So far, i like it! It will make a great light weight portable hose reel for me. Great for residential.

QUESTION…are the QC’s on the reel plastic or metal. The old plastic model they are obviously plastic, the inner one was threaded and it sucked, plain and simple…I was ready to trash it…and ordered the COX reel but its freakin HUGE…anyone want a 300’ cox portable cox reel? Let me know about the QC’s if they are plastic or not…and will the old hose I got from you, the yellow, not 3/8 so must be 5/16, will it work with the QC’s your supplying?..and will the QC’s from the plastic model work on the new metal one?

The quick connects are all plastic David.

How much for the Cox?

Glad to hear you guys like them.

I bought one that had plastic and it’s about to come apart. I think the bearings were plastic and when I aggressively reel it in or out it would heat up and lock up. Will this reel do that?