New HouseCall Pro Customer Postcard and Email Marketing Feature

MaxLuster…Is that your stage name???

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[MENTION=39060]MaxLuster[/MENTION] [MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION]

Brian is right - we will be building a much simpler and slicker Web Booking widget/lead capturing system, and then tie it in to the entire business analytics and automated marketing system we’ve built.


How far out do you think that widget is?

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Probably before summer time - this feature requires a decent amount of work. We might even release a simplified beta version sooner to people that want to test it as we build :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned that patience pays off with this ever building Awsomeness service

Cleaning Services
Pismo Beach, Ca

It’s so cheap with the WCRA discount it’s worth riding it to see if it’s a good fit

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[MENTION=38534]rolandal[/MENTION] please give me a call, I’ve tried giving you guys a call a few times now. Interested in giving it a test run, got most of my questions answers by [MENTION=3164]Brian_C[/MENTION]

I think we are playing phone tag

Did I miss something? There is a discount on House Call??

Tell them WCRA

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I assume that’s to get you started and a one time discount


yea but if you use them to process your credit cards and your savings could be significant

[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] Hey - sorry can you call 858-345-9675 … that will ring a couple of our phones and one of us will be available to chat :smiley:

Voicemail again…

[MENTION=4520]optimumaintenance[/MENTION] There will be an official WCRA discount coming soon (and landing page)… for now just mention to any of us and it will be for a couple months to get you up and running.

Just remember we reward people for signing up and locking in low rates because the cost of our software has risen since we are releasing more and more features!

[MENTION=3449]rivet0r[/MENTION] Call my direct line: 760-840-9094

Sounds good! I will call you in a day or two so get it squared away


The WCRA discount will not be a one time thing. Just hold on and you’ll see how awesome it is.

Will this software be integrating with ProPosal?

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Hey there. There are no plans to integrate with proposal. We are currently building feature sets that will replace the need to use that software. We will keep WCRA up to date with feature releases etc.

You can now upload your own custom postcard designs to market to your customers on your own terms! Sign up for HouseCall at Book a Demo with Housecall Pro TODAY