New HouseCall Pro Customer Postcard and Email Marketing Feature

HouseCall Pro now lets you execute postcards and email customer marketing campaigns. Our postcards only cost .65 cents and you can customize them however you like!! Set rules up to send postcards and emails based on booking reminders, thank you notes, etc. You can tag campaigns and measure ROI with our robust analytics reporting feature.

Check out HouseCall Pro today: HOUSECALL PRO

I’ve been using HouseCall Pro for about a month now and am fully enjoying it. Appreciate the customer service and how easy it is to use. I would recommend this product to my fellow carpet and window cleaners!


Thanks so much! We are working hard to make this product work for YOU! Let us know if you have any feedback along the way. Cheers!

It’s pretty rad all my clients love it.

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excited about my walkthrough this afternoon. i’ll post some feedback after i’ve worked with it awhile.

There’s room for it to grow as a CRM but I think the roadmap :wink: is bright and it seems to be a fast road

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You’re right. There’s a lot of room for growth, but you must admit, we are going at lightning speed. A few months down the line and we will have SOOOO many more awesome features and capabilities.

i came away from the walkthrough VERY impressed. the whole system is so slick, and the quality of the development stands out compared to the other offerings that are out there right now.

and the development track is the biggest thing that impressed me. these guys are pumping out real, tangible upgrades on almost a daily basis.

“it’s on the roadmap” has become sort of a joke around here in reference to updates to a lot of the specialized softwares we are using in this industry. but these guys are for real… it’s like they are driving ferrari’s on their roadmap, everyone else is riding unicycles.

the crm side of things is still a somewhat thin, but the framework is there for it to be epic, and i came away from the demo with a real confidence that it’s going to get fleshed out in a big way really quickly.

[MENTION=38617]HouseCallPro[/MENTION] I currently use The Customer Factor. Do you guys do walk throughs of the software? Id like to see the insides and see how it compares. Also looking for something better.

I’m a TCF loyalist, but this is pretty awesome. Is there a way to import customers? I’m sure there is. What about job history? Probably not. I’ve got 1400 clients to import.

I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and my customers are beyond impressed with it. My account rep told me to send her a CSV file and they will do the upload for you but job history won’t import.

So you recommend this for me Brian?

It’s definitely worth looking into and trying it out. I can’t say something is a good fit for everyone. I would suggest calling and looking into.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! I just shared it with my team. Everyone is very happy!! We will continue to work hard to make our product the best it can be for your business.


We can most definitely set you up with a walkthrough. Please call 858-345-9675. We will answer all of your questions and concerns.


Call us at 858-345-9675 and we will set you up with a one-on-one walkthrough to answer all of your questions.


We can import your customer list for free if you sign-up for HouseCall Pro. Our turn-around is 3 business days. We are working on job history import also.

Any plans to integrate with ResponsiBid?


It’s not on our roadmap, but I am open to discussing it with you. What are the reasons you would like to see that integration? How important is that tool to your business? Love to talk about the pros and cons of integrating with them.

I can’t see that happening their competitors

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