New Intro John

Hi my name is John and I am new to both the website and the window cleaning business.

I don’t even know where to start. I was wanting some advice on how to get started, what equipment to buy (like a starter kit) and so on.

Thanks, and I look forward to talk to everyone soon!



Hey there John, welcome to WCR!

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Welcome John!

My advice would be to keep equipment expense to an absolute minimum UNTIL you have the paying clients to justify the spending. A mop, squeegee, bucket, some scrim or microfibre and a small extension pole will get you started on single storey homes & shopfronts,… and while you won’t be able to wait too long to buy ladders or think about WFP, you’ll be able to get a taster of the business without a big investment.

If you’re just starting out then spending on marketing is probably much more important than spending on equipment - get some signs for your vehicle, a printed polo shirt or two, 10,000 flyers or door hangers, a company facebook page, an ad in the local newspaper (In some areas newspaper advertising is a waste of money, so check out response rates in your local area first!), get listed in all the free online business directories in your area and get a basic website…

Unless you’re 100% positive that this is the business for you, and you have cash in the bank to spend on equipment - my advice is to only spend big money on equipment when you have the clients to support it.


Here you go: getting-started-start-here and [URL=“”]work-belt-setup-newbies

Hi Jared!
Thanks for the quick response! I see that you are in the ABQ area. Do you currently have a window washing company? The reason I ask is that I currently live in ABQ until August, and I was wondering if you would allow me to check out what you do, the equipment you use and so forth. Would you be willing to allow to me work for free in exchange for seeing how you operate? What I learn from you I may be able to take with me to Texas. What are your thoughts?

Awesome! Thank you for the advice. Just a quick question. Do you take the screens off second story windows? If so how? I am trying to see how other businesses operate. Thanks again talk soon.

Welcome to the forum …

What Jared said ^

He starred a great thread for newbies

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Spend money… Lots of it…

That’s the one thing I liked about this business. The initial investments are usually low. I mean, you’d have to spend money on squeegees, scrapers, and a bucket, and maybe a ladder. Unless you’re going into commercial high-rise, I think that’s a different story.

Work for free? I’m thinking you might want to offer to pay him to teach you… Just as a good faith gesture…

Oh, sorry, completely missed this.

I have my own company here, but I can’t really take you on as an employee (it’s a pain in the butt and a big investment/liability for me). I can however give you a couple hours one afternoon and go over some stuff. Just write down your questions and whatnot cuz I can’t answer a question you don’t ask. I’ll pm you my phone number, just give me a call some time.

With all the rain we’ve been getting, I’ve had a lot of reschedules, so this week is pretty light other than some route and ccu work. Friday afternoon might be okay.

Dang he’s giving you his all… You HAVE to take him up on it. If not, forget about it… Let’s not ask the same question twice…


Hey John Welcome!

You need a window tool… Find it at lowes…