New letterhead

I know this isn’t the most exciting thing that anyone sends out, but I thought I’d share my letterhead with you. I want all my documents to look like they came from the same company. So this kinda fits in with biz card (which is my avatar). What do ya guys (or gals) think?

Any phone number?

your logo and theme look like some type of Microsoft operating system…

So i’ve been told…But hey, they’re making billions, they must be doing something right. :smiley:
and the phone number, I saw that and just haven’t added it yet. (I was up late last night working on a few things and didn’t feel like messing with it then.)

By the way Matt, your avatar is awesome!!!

it’s definitely a style that I can appreciate…


me and the wife are arguing about naming our new dog Tony Stark :smiley:

That’s a great name for a dog!!! I talked my wife into naming our dog Clark (aka superman) :smiley:

Chris: I know you’re off snowboarding ‘til next week, but when you get back can you add a Superheroes subforum along with that Stormtrooper one you’ve been thinkin’ (sorry; Alex and I have been discussing Sarah Palin recently) of? :smiley: