New linen blinds stained - how to clean

My customer had brand new linen blinds installed from the “Shade Store.” My employee raised them, but since they are so close to the glass, when he went to mop the window, he stained each one of them. Not terrible, but very noticeable. Any ideas on how to clean? I contacted the owner of a local carpet cleaning company that we have a long term relationship with to see if he had suggestions. Nothing yet. The “Shade Store” said Mr. Clean dry eraser, which the customer tried to no effect. I will look to the great Google after this posting, but I am hoping one of the great window cleaners here will have a solution (pun intended).

After the fact, I have taught my technician to not raise these type of blinds to the top. Raise with 15" or so of the top, pull with your off hand (gloved) the bottom of the blinds away from the glass, wash the tops, and then gently return the blinds to the free hang.

Thanks for any and all suggestions, Rocco

I did carpet cleaning for a few years. A pro should know how to get it out. Could just be a matter of rinsing it until it begins to clear up and drying it as you go. There’s certain chems a carpet cleaner should have on hand for stuff like that. It’s been 4+ years so I forget the name of them but I know I’d be able to get it out. Leave it up to a carpet cleaner tbh