New logo for snow removal. Suggestions?

Working on a logo for the snow removal side of the business. Got any suggestions? (other than have a professional do it :p)


It has potential. I like it.

I don’t know what your taste is other than the infinity logo you have
but the logo should be able to distinguish that it’s a snow removal business.
Ask yourself. I know nothing about snow removal, does this logo define it?
The snowflake you showed in your example really helps with that.
You can also have a trail of uncovered snow spelling out the type or icon.
-Graphic Designer

Thanks John. Any changes or improvements you would suggest?

Maybe a more 3 dimensional snow flake.

I think it looks good as is!

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I went through a few revisions designing this, and this last revision I forgot to add the bevel to the snowflake. It was actually supposed to be part of the design from the start- thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

This a little better?

Not bad Alex…

Maybe a little more dimension to the snow flake and the infinity design.
(i just dont get the Gentle Touch) for snow removal.

I’m about maxed out on how much Bevel I can add to the objects… if any GIMP aficionados could give a suggestion on how to squeeze out a little more dimension, that’d be awesome.

Gentle Touch is our USP- we do all work by hand in order to be more gentle to our customers’ property. Snow Removal with finesse!

got it.

Why change the name?

I love the idea of the umbrella/main logo, with different services being the variance.
(squeegee, snowflake, etc…)

This is a question I’ve struggled with. I love our name (Infinity) and the idea of keeping things simple, but I kind of wanted something a little more intriguing and represents our USP more effectively. I think that Gentle Touch is the kind of name that gets you wondering “what does that mean”, in a good way of course.

At any rate, I’m kinda committed now, as I spent the last couple days adding “Gentle Touch” to a ton of online directories. If I get sick of it by the end of this season, I can always use the summer slowdown to go back and change everything over to “Infinity Services” or something to that effect.

I think it’s a winner!