New Logo

I’ve had my old logo since I started in 1991 and decided it was time to update it. After a lot of time and effort trying to do it myself, I decided to hire a real graphic designer to create one for me. I just got the final product tonight.

Both the horizontal and vertical layouts will be used, depending on the application.

I like that the inside of the “C” looks like a water drop.
It’d be cool to see it emphasized.

Was that on purpose?

It was totally on purpose. We were after subtlety. The artist had the FedEx arrow in mind when she designed the droplet. It’s subtle, but once you see it, you will see it every time forever. The color choices were meant to be subtle also; the softer blue instead of a louder, brighter blue.

Looks great!!! I like the water droplet inside the C

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Looks good Tony

That looks really professional. The water drop is golden.


I like that quite a bit. Very nice

Very cool and professional. I like it.

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Very professional logo, Tony. It’s brilliant in its simplicity, and should look great on anything you print, embroider, letter, etc.

ok, so how many of you REALLY saw the drop at [B]very first[/B] glance?

Took me a while.
At first I thought it looked like a “You don’t know us, but we’re so cool, we don’t capitalize”/I.T. logo.
Rare Media, Sisco, etc… type company.

I like the logo. Plus come halloween you could probably dress it up to make it look like a vampire.

I saw the water drop. I didn’t see the letter “C”.

That color combination of blue and grey would really nice on the side of a white van

I did to see the water drop till mention . Looks good

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Thanks for the nice words, guys. I’m excited about the new look and am ready to get it out there. I spent some money to get it done, but in the end, my decision to spend money is the same reason we tell other people to let us do their windows: A pro can get it done faster and better and allow you to do what you are good at. In my case, I’m a lot better window cleaner than graphic designer.

I like it! Simple, memorable and very professional looking! :slight_smile:

CLEAN!!! I like it

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Nice job Tony! I like it more each time I see it

Jeremiah, Advantage Window Cleaning
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It’s so good!

I like it, I’m curious though if you tried it with the droplet tip the other way. I think it would make the droplet more noticeable.

This space for rent!

That was never one of the choices the artist showed me. I didn’t make many design suggestions to her. I’ve spent many months trying to design my own and failed, so I was happy to let her do the work she is trained to do. She put a lot of thought into the elements of the logo, from the color choices to the font and the shapes and angles of the large ‘C’. I was happy to realize that a pro does more than just throw letters and images on a page and declare it to be a logo. That’s pretty much how I tried to design one.

She interviewed me and asked a lot of questions about the image that I wanted to convey, who my target market is, etc. Then a week later she showed me 5 different concepts. I zeroed in on a couple of them and she got back with me a week later, showing me polished-up versions of those two. One more round of discussion weeded-out the second choice and left me with what I have. She got the finished logo to me a few days later, along with a business card design.

The process was a lot more fun than I expected and it was interesting to sit back and see what she came up with for me. That’s really more than you asked for, but I thought I’d describe the process since I enjoyed it a lot.


How much does something like that cost.

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