New Melbourne cleaner

Hi, I have a few questions. I have a corolla hatchback and I was wondering if it would have enough space for all my equipment. I think I can fold the backseats to make enough space. I’m not sure I will have room for a small ladder and I don’t have roof racks. Are telescopic ladders decent? Also, what should my pricing be? I was thinking $10AUD per window frame but recent chats with people have said that is too expensive. Also I was wondering where I could get equipment for cheap, I’ve looked at online prices and the equipment is quite expensive.

I work out of a Mitsubishi colt hatchback, I got everything in but I do have roof racks for ladders, to be honest cheap equipment will help you learn in your own windows so you can get techniques down but I would look at upgrading when you can afford to, you will get better results or at the very least use quality rubber in the cheaper squeegees, cheap rubber won’t have good quick results, I charge $8 per piece of glass and I market myself in a quality job not a quick job

I charge more than others but I do a better job, just means I have a smaller market to aim at for the window cleaning side of things, most of my work is in glass coatings which I make a killing off , charge what you want to earn as long as the quality matches it, if you don’t get any work and you have good marketing then you can lower your prices to get more work but don’t under value yourself by being to cheap, much harder to start upping your prices on all your customers compared to dropping them occasionally to gain work

Everything I could possibly need fits inside this little trailer including a 3 stage RO/DI system and a 16 foot telescoping ladder. I regularly do up to 6 story buildings and work full hour days and it’s plenty. Don’t over think your cargo space…