New member with solar in mind

Hi everyone, I’m Scott and I’m an alcoholic… Just kidding ha.

I’ve been roaming the forums for awhile. And have seen ALOT of advice from current business owners, and feel real comfortable asking you guys for advice and help. I still have a bit more to read before jumping into starting new threads but I’ll give a little info and maybe I can get a good sense of direction ton where to read up on the forum.

I’ve never started a business but been wanting to since I was 20. A good friend of mind has same interests and thought MLM would be a good starting point. Obviously it wasn’t. Now 5 yrs later I have 2 kids a wife and a career to support myself and family and want to get started in my business venture.

I want to open and will eventually open a solar panel cleaning business here in Arizona. I see here being a good market, with low competition, now I just need to learn how to look at this the right way, take all into consideration and get started.

Do it!
There are a number of tools on the market along with research to help you hit it right.

Thanks Dan!

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