New Message Board Feature!

Hi everybody, I have added a new feature that allows anybody to upload any You Tube Or Google video right into the body of there post. Just follow these steps.

Step #1 copy the URL into the text box.

Step #2 highlight the text you just pasted in.

Step #3 Hit either the Newly added You Tube Or Google Video button, then submit your thread like normal.

And there it is


Thanks, Chris!

Excellent Chris! Way to keep stepping it up.

Yes, an excellent addition to your site. Almost makes me feel tempted to go out and buy a digital video camera.

BTW, what’s You Tube?

You Tube is one of the greatest things on the Internet.

check it out, search anything you want. There are countless videos on just about every topic imaginable.

I was, of course, kidding.

Larry you lovable little tramp! Just to avoid any confusion that’s a reference to Charlie Chaplin.:D;)

Whew! For a minute there, I thought you were putting my in the same group as Britney Spears!

[B]llaczko[/B]: I knew you were joking, man.