New Milestone

Made a lil over $500 cleaning windows by myself yesterday.

No partner, no split, no nothing. Mainly profit to myself which obviously I’ll reinvest into the company.

I think I can make around $750 by myself in a day if I really push it maybe more depending on the jobs.

Goal is to keep getting work and eventually replacing myself with a worker.


Fantastic. Remember though, as a business alot yourself a salary percentage and percentages to cover business needs - taxes, marketing, supplies, insurance, etc.

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Right now I don’t alot myself a salary percentage or take anything from the business as I have good money saved and still work an office job part time.

All of it goes back into the business

Just wait until you have a WFP, $1000+ Becomes the norm


That’s fine, you should get in the habit of dividing up the income from the business as if it were a business to practice covering all of the needs of the business. Why not practice doing it while it isn’t important whether you fail or not?


To @Garry point; the sooner you start that habit of breaking down income percentages to their appropriate allocations, the better off you’ll be. It ensures every dollar you make has a “job” or purpose.
When you’re making $7k+ a week and it’s the height of busy season, you won’t even have to think about what you’re financial plan is, it’ll be engrained and second nature.

Can’t tell you how many guys fly by the seat of their pants and end up in tax trouble, or don’t have enough banked for the slow months. Have to know your numbers, and know em well; makes for a much smoother financial life.