1. There was not enough fb groups already?

  2. Who named you legends?


Settle down Yogi Bear, Me, @Chris @Alex and @Luke are in there.

Hence, legends.

i don’t settle mofo!

Just more questions.

Legends in what? The industry or ones own mind? Seriously, I am going to go make a youtube video and call myself God like :slight_smile:


Dave, I can safely say, you are legendary.


Legend: A lie that has attained the dignity of age - H.L. Mencken :slight_smile:

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Haha. Tip of the cap to you man.

Rottie, whiskey, f*** and words:



Yogi the bear was a clever bear.

Yogi Berra was a good man who said funny things.

The Monk would know this one. “There is no leaving yellowstone yogi”. Now the man who said that was legendary for being a fool.

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Where’s that pic I took of Dave Yogi standing on Yogi Berra Way?

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…in front of Yogi’s house? Lol

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I think someone telling a newbie that they are holding their squeegee wrong, or that they have their pole setup wrong is being positive and helpful. Got confused when you suggest that kind of advice would not be welcome. If I am using a poor technique, then I would appreciate an experienced window cleaner pointing it out to me.

Negative criticism can be positive, because it shows room for improvement, whereas telling someone they are doing something well when they are not, just to be nice, is only helping them make the poor technique a bad habit.

Don’t get me wrong Trad-Man, because I like you and Trad-Girl and I admire, and appreciate, your efforts to help newcomers like me. Just trying to give my perspective on constructive criticism, and how negative comments can be a positive thing when expressed with respect and not in an effort to bash someone.


Back to basics

What is this industry group going to provide the others will not?

a place where snowflakes won’t melt? :thinking:

The problem is 9 times out of 10 people can’t help but be overly critical or nasty. Take the comments above for instance from these other guys, they are exactly the folks that we don’t want in the group. Nothing wrong with someone pointing out a flaw in a polite way but how often does that happen in most groups? In this group that’s what the focus is gonna be to be positive and helpful to other members. Thanks

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Your exactly the kind of negativity we do not need. Have a nice day

Wondering that myself. Sounds like exclusivity with a side of censorship?

I appreciate the efforts, but can’t help but wonder why I need the new forum? The vid didn’t really sell me on it.

But I may be missing something. If so, I apologize for being a bit thick at times.

I’m not allowed either and just fine with it.

Some people cant handle another opinion and take it out of context because they are legends and we are not.


If you only have constructive and positive info and comments then you’d be welcome to the group that’s what it’s for. Anyone being negative and destructive is not welcome. Simple as that. So the question really is, are you a good decent person who wants to bring something positive to the group or are you someone like many other dudes on here that like to mouth of from the safety of there keyboard? That’s the point of the group to have a decent folks in it

Easy there, trad man. I don’t think David was being unreasonable. The very fact that there has been little if any banter about this is telling in itself. This is a group that can and will go on some epic rants - see the flyer complaint thread that became a gun control thread from last weekend. Could it be that the collective has a big question mark wondering why we need this? Is it a marketing thing? Is this forum going away? What exactly will be better? Will a guy like David get booted simply because his comments come off wrong to someone? Maybe these are some of the questions that could be answered.


If you have not been accepted it will be because the moderators have not got round to it yet or possibly you’ve had a negative run in with one of the moderators in the past? Either way there will be a reason. Personally I’ve not been dealing with most of the folks asking to join as the other moderators have been doing that so far. If your a decent positive person there won’t be a reason for your not getting in. Thank you