New Phone Book Ad

New Ad

I tried to incorporate what I read from Kevin’s Yellow page post as best I could.
I know I have to tweak the bottom. I don’t like the way it lines up. Plus I would like her to put the credit card illustrations back instead of the words. And Push the phone numbers back down and over like the first ad I posted.
Here I have cut and pasted the 2 together

Anyway Please let me know if this is any improvement.
Thanks for the first round of feed back keep it coming:)

Old Ad

Who are you? Are you Chris’s marketer?

Cathy, I work for Chris and my supposed deadline for this ad is Friday.

Nice to meet you Cathy. I did a double take when I saw a new user posting an all-county ad. Something I associate with Chris or Alex.

Chris seems like a good guy to work for. I hope you make your deadline. I’m sure Paneless or CFP will pipe in with some good suggestions.

I am no marketing guru or anything special…

Just a dude who owns a couple of squeeges and a BOAB.


When I look at the new ad, which looks very nice by the way. I see this Call Today! and get free screen cleaning.

I think to my self. “Self, how are they gonna know if I called today or not.” I mean how long has this ad been in print? So that tells me that screen cleaning is free all the time. Just by my own warped sense of deductive reasoning.

If one of your guys comes to me and says screens will be an extra $80. I won’t do it.

I understand the call for action. Tell them to do something or they won’t do anything but read the ad. But are you shooting yourself in the foot for further upsells???

Just curious.

Thanks for the input you are correct, but we alwayes include free screen cleaning.
Thanks Keep it coming

Like I said in the other thread, there is no need to have the [SIZE=“4”]Call today![/SIZE] and the [SIZE=“4”]receive free screen cleaning[/SIZE] together. The statement doesn’t make sense because of the above stated reason.

My YP rep informed me that they wont put pricing info on a Yellow Page Ad. They view it as an unfair advantage to the other advertisers in the book under your heading. I would check with your Rep before revamping your ad.
My YP rep told me about a guy that had a small auto shop that was off the beaten path. He wanted to advertise his shop rate as being half of what the local shops and dealerships were charging. It was a no go. I could be wrong on this-or I could be right. You need to check it out. Most books have a coupon section in the back for this, and yes they will charge you extra for it.


Cathy I have been following this thread and the other one. I agree with godabukz about the screen cleaning part. How about Center Call Now and put something like this under it- " As always Screens are Cleaned Free" or “Remember All County will never charge you for Screen cleaning” or something to that effect.