New pressure washing and roof cleaning website for Little Rock Arkansas

Check out our new pressure washing and roof cleaning website for property managers and homeowners in Little Rock Arkansas.

Let me know what you think. It’s up and live… just in time to get this spring rolling. I think this site will be very powerful. Mainly the ability to tweak it and keep it fresh as time goes on. It will definately be an improvement over our old pressure washing site that I could only pay someone to edit.

put in the infinitive phrase “to be” after “needs” where it says “do you have some high cleaning that needs done?”

the 4th slide show has a typo…
‘do you have some high cleaning that needs done’

I like the old site better. I think the new site is too busy and thats the wrong blue. Sorry.

Wow, tough crowd! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because they care :slight_smile:

Yep, definately better than a bunch of atta boys…

The infocus theme is a great theme, and the layout you chose is really nice. I would shut the comments off on your pages, though. Comments are good for blog posts but (unless you’re trying something new) you probably don’t people commenting on your pages.

Ill check that out. Thanks.

Great New Roof cleaning & pressure washing arkansas Blog Chris, Love the New site

how come when I click on the roof cleaning institute logo in your footer, it sends me to Kevin’s site?

Me and Kevin cut a deal. I send my customers to him and he sells them for like then $6000 an hour…

jk. He put this site together for me. Probably just an ooops!

Arkansas Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Company website

Ive been super busy lately and haven’t had alot of time to play with the site. I did finally add a few pictures and testimonials today.

I bought this template a few days ago… only to find out it doesn’t work with wordpress 3.1.1.

Site looks great!

Nice site. Nice layout. Easy to navigate. But I about fell out of my chair with those roof cleaning prices.

Do you have a lot of competition?

Thanks Don.

Honestly I don’t have a lot of competition. There are a couple of other companies here but Im pretty sure they price pretty similar. My prices are only about .19-.26 per sq ft based on the flat footprint of the home… not the actual shingle surface. I would have thought for sure you could get prices similar to that in St. Louis…

What did you think about the house wash prices?

Chris! That was a secret deal!

I just fixed the link :slight_smile:

Thx Brennon.

Thanks Kevin

The only thing I feel is thats isn’t enough contrast, but thats just me. Overall I like it.