New R/O membrane today

i got my wash it pro in spring of 2014 right after starting on my own.
it has not had that much use cause my business was new and very seasonal but i also i was not not diligent in maintenance. carbon filter left too long, no regular flushes, no winterizing, and some exposure to hot water before i realized how bad that could be.
measurements with the old filter:
135 ppm reduced to 80 waste 280 flow 5 gallons in 4min 19 sec. pressure: horizontal travel of stream 8ft

new filter $550 cad :
135 ppm reduced to 11 ppm waste 335 flow 5 gallons in 7 min. pressure: horizontal travel of stream 3ft

the first year i did not have to change to di resin the second year changed it once i think. this year every 3 weeks or so. $200 cad + this season till now

am i going to look after the new filter better? YES!


now reading 3 or 4 ppm right out of ro!! i am going to run this ro only for awhile to save my last fill of di resin. (don’t want to buy another bag as they have a relatively short shelf life).