New setup for my squeegee

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Hi all,
it’s a test of my new assembly.
_Sorbo alu handle
_Unger S Plus channel
_​:heart: Ettore clipless back plate :heart:
:warning: : not compatible with BlackDiamond rubber in this config, wave too pronounced.

Sorbo and Ettore are brands that are rarely used in France, including in the professional sector.
I don’t even know if there is an official importer.
The most used brands in Europe are Unger and Pulex, I have started to see Moerman in recent months.

:arrow_forward: VIDEO : good feeling with this squeegee

This configuration provides good sensations, combining lightness and rigidity while maintaining a homogeneous balance of this assembly because the center of gravity is slightly shifted forward thus applying a slight pressure on the window like the brass channels.
The Unger S Plus channel being made of stainless steel, it is strong enough to be used in all circumstances.

:bulb: tip
Its profile on the reverse side of the channel allows it to be used as a scraper, a technique once mastered which saves a lot of time.

Video demo
:warning: : of course, a delicate method that can only be carried out by a professional otherwise there is a risk of scratching the glass, screen, etc.

:bulb: tip
As much as the 360° performed with my new squeegee are of no use at all apart from the fun provided by playing with it, these same 360° are very useful when they are performed with the scrubber because it allows you to harmonize the soap on both sides “Recto/Verso”.
recto verso with 360°

In terms of accessories :

Sorbo handle obviously compatible with my custom Unger angle adapter.

Its weight is also ideal, neither too light nor too heavy, to be worn on a belt.

:bulb: tip
Very simple but practical, I have been using shower curtain rings on my belt for years to hold my various towels.

To summarize, a perfect assembly for those looking for a versatile squeegee “with a 35cm/14inch channel”, allowing you to chain together all types of windows without needing to switch between different tools and without tiring the shoulder and wrist.

Configuration sought for these types of sites that I find every week.

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