New Slogan

Guys I have been thinking of new slogans. And thought of one I like and could use tell me what you think of it.
“Qualty beats price everytime time” it is short and simple and it shows customers that qualty is just as
important as price. And choosing a lawballer may not always be the best idea. Just trying to think of better ideas to market.

I like it gets the point across

So a lower price makes someone a lowballer?

I never said that.

I think he means someone like a bucket bob?

It almost sounds like you are trying to teach your customers something.

What if you reversed it, and started with the question: What are the #1 and #2 most important things that [B]my client[/B] is looking for?

If I were a potential customer I’d say it sounds like you are expensive. I see what you’re getting at with it, but I read it as saying price is not all that important. I’m a rookie so I might be wrong and probably am but it seems to me that price is a pretty big factor as well.