New T-Shirts pics

Hey guys just some pics of some of my new t-shirts. They are screen printed and came out pretty good. What do you all think?

Nice, I like the logo on the front. Looks good man, congrats.:smiley:

Thats cool… Did you happen to make any extras? I can trade you a few new slayer shirts (yet to be released) if your interested.

I really like the black and blue ones.

Your going to look real sharp in those. Nice work!

Thanks guys. I came up with the logo (with the help of my wife) and screen printed them myself. I have 4 color screen printing press I built and ordered the ink and other supplies and these are the results. The very first ones I have ever done.

The story behind the whole doing the screen printing myself is that after a couple of failed attepts at getting some of the shops in town to make me some shirts I took it upon myself to make them. The only thing I wanted was something simple, on a blue shirt with white lettering, one color only, how much more easier can that be for them- [B]easy money in my eyes[/B].
One guy (a supposed friend) after talking to him and waiting 2 months, said he didn’t have time to make them, so he refered me to one of his friends, that guy said [I][B]“well my minimum is 25 and you would be better off with a darker blue shirt with white lettering”.[/B][/I] A little bit of I will make you what I want and not you “the customer”. When this guy told me what he wanted to do I said [I][B]“ok give me a price for the 25 shirts on a dark blue with the white lettering”[/B][/I] he said [I][B]“hmmmm I’ll call you back”.[/B][/I] He didn’t call back until 2 days later so I didn’t answer. I then called another shop and they said their minimum was 12 but there was a setup fee and about a 2 week wait.
So I did what any [I]jack of all trades[/I] would do, did them myself.

Now this is not a career change for me I am still a window cleaner-thats what I love to do.

interesting… any pics of your machine?

Could be another winter earnings booster - that’s an add-on know ones thought of!

Hey, I just want to eliminate my “do-it-on-my-own-schedule-for-whatever-I-want-to-charge” screen printer.

Very nice shirts. I love that logo too. Can you ask you wife to make a cool logo for Simply Glass? :D. Just kidding… no really can ya?

Very Nice. It would be cool to set up a shirt swapping program. I was driving through TENN about 13 years ago or so and saw a kid walking on the side of the road with one of our shirts on. I stopped him and asked where he got the shirt and he said at a yard sale. I am from Michigan. That is really weird.:confused:

Very nice lay out.
as shirts go, I like the pollo shirts with collar and front pocket. I feel a shirt without a pocket is like buying a milk cow with no teets.
When I used to do store fronts I was always asked if I did residential w/cing. So I put it on the back of my shirt. “Yes, we do homes” . That would answer the question as well as to get them to think about getting their w/c cleaned professionally. I got pretty good results from that. Just a thought.:slight_smile:

Shirts look really sharp, well done.
I do all my own graphics, t-shirts, hats and so on for the exact same reasons. Seems like our money is not good for those guys, if you don’t show up with an order of 100+ you a grade “B” customer.


My two cents, they are looking for larger accounts, schools all levels, medical,etc. Can you blame them. Need too figure when is there down time and visit in person. My stuff seems to last forever, unlike say a asphalt company.

Spotless - Awesome shirts!

Chris - Slayer shirts for real? I can’t wait!:smiley:

sweet shirts!

Thanks guys for all the comments. I’ve got alot of good ideas for more shirts I will be printing them later on. Now is just finding the time to do it.

Been a while since I posted here, but this really got my attention. Do you have any pics of your setup? Any tips to help someone else do the same thing? I’ve wanted to make my own shirts for a while now.

Yeah this is the website I found that has the plans to make your own 4 color screen press. Free Four Color Screen Printing Press Plans | DIY Homemade T-Shirt Press. You can modify it to make it just for one color. You might be able to find different plans out there that are alot easier to build. Just do a google search for screen printing press. I built the same one on the website just with minor changes that suit me better, and I already had all the wood in my backyard, all I had to buy was hardware. I then searched for screen printing supplies and I found one that had starter packages, comes with the basic stuff you need. You can also look on YouTube and find a bunch of videos of people showing you the basics, very easy. Hope this helps, I will try to take pics or maybe a short video of me making some more shirts.

Michaels craft store has a nice screen printing screen system runs around $200.00 or so. When I find a link I will post.