New to forum, but not window cleaning

Hello there everyone,

My name is Kenny, and I live in South Florida. I have been cleaning windows for about 15 years. I got into window cleaning from my friend’s dad in 2004 and have been doing it full time since then-- albeit for other cleaners. I have currently been with my employer since 2006-- I enjoy this line of work. I like being outside and making windows shine. I do commercial and residential work so I am familiar with this territory. I am pretty good at stick work and I know my way around a Tucker pole (WFP). I do some light pressure cleaning for my friends, but mainly enjoy just the window cleaning aspect of things.

I currently don’t have many of my own side jobs-- I currently build it “as it comes”-- no hurry as I have a great job-- just want to fill my weekend’s up! We’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I have seen this website before while i look at supplies. A fellow cleaner I met when I was doing route work recommended this forum-- I am not one big on social media, but I figured I would give this place a shot and see what I can learn from this forum. I hope to talk to you soon and it’s always good to get another perspective on things.