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Introducing my Partner to the forum that inspired me to do greater things with my life!
Chris told me once that window cleaning was in my blood!:smiley: I do better finding the jobs and leaving the actual cleaning to my partner Joe and his crews. sales and Customer Service are in my blood Chris!:D:D:D I am glad to be back and am still inspired by all the change that has happened here!

[B]Contrary to your website’s information:[/B]

[I]TIP: It’s important to understand that you must not use a razor blade on dry glass to remove paint or other over-spray! This will scratch the surface and you’ll either have to:

a) Live with the mistake - free but, painful
b) Have the scratched glass professionally buffed - somewhat costly
c) Replace the glass completely - extremely costly
d) Take the proper steps to ensure you take the paint off the glass without marring it’s finish.

[/I][B]A dry scraper in proper condition will not scratch glass.[/B]

[B]In addition, your reference to GANA is ill-advised from my perspective as a professional window cleaner:[/B]

[I]GANA’s, Glass Association of North America, cautions against excessive razor blade use:

One of the common mistakes made by non-glass trades people, including glass cleaning contractors, is their use of razor blades or other scrapers on a large portion of the glass surface. Using 2, 3, 4, 5 inch and larger blades to scrape a window clean carries a large probability for causing irreparable damage to glass.[/I]

[B]You make no mention of excessive fabricating debris as the real issue.[/B]

Oh, and welcome.

Great Welcome Larry! I will let Joe know of your concerns! I am sure he will return the comment!