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Hello everyone! My name is Chad, I just registered my new window cleaning business Tuesday so it’s all official! :smiley: thanks in advance for the pointers I’ll be getting from this website, and one day I hope I can help out a new guy too. I have all my equipment, minus some things to help with hard water spots, and I’m all excited and ready to go!! Just one big question, and maybe I’ll find this as I search the forum.
Besides saving time, is the fanning method really the best method to be detailed and streak free? I know it’s the quickest way, but a couple people have told me they don’t think you can use that method w/o leaving something behind to clean. After watching a bunch of videos I find it hard to agree with them, are they wrong? They use the left to right, dry half of squeegee, next row, method. Thanks to all, I’m excited to be here!

Hey Chad, welcome!

My dad grew up in the same area.

You’ll love cleaning windows. It’s addictive. Fanning is the best way, in my opinion, to clean. Whether by hand or with a pole. With practice, one can fan their way to window cleaning success.

you need to learn both. straight pulls and fanning should both be second nature. which one is best is more about the situation, the specific window and your physical condition at the moment, not about some commitment to one method or the other. fanning takes more practice, so spend some time dialing in right away so you are proficient at it. straight pulls can be mastered in five minutes and can yield excellent results.

Thanks! It’s a beautiful area, and I’m excited to get started! I definitely have to work on my pole method for sure!

Thanks for the advice! I will be sure to become proficient at both methods! The issue I had at first was coming over too far with the fan method (not minding my edges) and bumping the squeegee on top of the seal, hence missing a big chunk. But I’m slowly getting better!

Hi, welcome aboard.

Take your time to perfect your technique on fanning - speed will come naturally. Use a smaller channel, like a 12", to give yourself a good foundation. Move up to an 18", or whatever size you want, and practice with that. Better Technique = Less Detailing = Less Time Wasted.

You probably have a set of videos you’re already training with, but you might like Mark Henderson’s videos. For more speed, you may want to adopt the [URL=“”]Two-Handed Fanning Method. I don’t have the hand-eye coordination to pull it off, so I’m content with being slow :D.

I definitely have to be patient. That was the series of videos I actually am using. I was convinced that the fanning method was the best way to go, then these guys who have done window cleaning north of here shook my confidence with their comments.

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I’m going to echo what [MENTION=7230]c_wininger[/MENTION] said: don’t be dogmatic about a specific technique or method, be dogmatic about your results. There’s a time and a place for everything, as Ecclesiastes 3:1-9 would put it.

“even for every affair under the heavens.” Wisely said! The more pointers and clarifications I get as I read through this forum the more excited I get about starting all of this. Thanks!

Welcome. I like your business name.

Thank you! It was a lot of thinking and brain storming to come up with it. Feel free to check out the website I have so far. It’s a work in progress. Home - Clear Envy Window Cleaning

It’s a good start. I like the banner on top. Good luck.

Welcome! If we can help you with insurance in any way don’t hestitate to call!

Welcome! If we can help you with insurance in any way don’t hestitate to call!

Thank You! I actually have been looking for Insurance and would love some help! 877-331-7385 then press 1

Welcome, Chad. The best thing you can do is what you’re already doing- getting your feet wet and asking questions. Don’t worry if you think your questions are silly. I’m in that phase with certain pressure and roof washing matters right now, but a bunch of guys are patiently walking me through.
I used to go to Hunter Mt. a lot. I miss it.

I agree. Practice as much as you can with all styles of cleaning. Before you know it you’ll be able to evaluate what style should be done on each job.
You’ll never be the best so keep your head small and always get better.