New to the forum

Hello I’m new to the forum and just wanted to say hello to everybody. I have been reading the forum and it looks like I can learn alot here.


Hey it’s you. You finally checked out the forum. Welcome.

:DWelcome to WCR



I am just starting to navigate his site and was told there is a good type of tool to pivot ladders. Can someone direct me to where I would find that?

Go up to the top of the site where it says shop now.

Thanks! I see it. I think I’ll probably order one.
do you know what they charge for ground shipping?

The shipping is not much. On bigger orders you get free shipping.

Thank you for the information. Have you guys been busy this week?

Yes we have been doing alot of rain gutter work. How about you guys.

We have been doing good on the gutter cleaning. How have you guy’s been.

We’ve been doing ok; a little slow, but we’ve scheduled some jobs for after the rain.
Gutter jobs are comming in too.

Good luck to you guy’s. You can get alot of good information here.