New to the Lathrop, California area

Hey all!

I am new to owning my own business. I worked in the Window Cleaning field for almost 3 years in Ohio. Circumstances have taken me to California. I have my business license and other paperwork ready to go. I wanted to ask those who have been successful: in the age of COVID-19 how are you able to get new clients? How do you figure out pricing for residential and commercial jobs? How do you take care of taxes? A little guidance on this would be a big help, thank you!

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thank you HBM! Happy to be on here and get some expert guidance!

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taxes: ask a CPA in your State

Pricing: We can help with that but why not call the competion in your area and get a few quotes to but end of the day you should put figures into excel and figure out what price YOU need

Clients: Marketing and hustling.

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