New to the Resource

I just wanted to introduce my self, I am a new subscriber to the site, I stumbled across it as I was searing for some product on the web. What I have read so far is great and informative.

I have not see to many folks from the N. East. I will check back often and offer and ask for advice. Feel free to take a look at our web site and offer any sugestions you may have. Always appreciate someones thoughts who actuall knows the business.

Nice website.

Pretty impressive list of memberships…tell us more about them.

So glad you like the site. We are Jersey boys. Where are you from?

I like that line.

One suggestion: Is there a way to take the links at the bottom left portion of your home screen and move it up next to the body of that page?

I’m from Western Mass. Damn Cold here! Business is slow, can’t wait till spring.

Welcome aboard Anthony!
I like your window pane diagram on your contact us page!!
May I borrow it?
Tim Hunter

Same in Toronto.

It’s very cold here right now.

To All Window Cleaners,

I owe you all an apology, but most of all I owe Jeff, his company, and his family an apology. My name is Anthony Pedolzky, I am the owner of Shine Brite Window Washing, located in Westfield MA. I hired a multimedia company, in December 2007 to give my company its first web presence. This company presented me with what I thought at the time was an amazing web site and I felt I definitely got my money’s worth and much more, what I was not aware of was that the company I hire, falsified themselves and presented me with a website which I now know was not theirs to present or sell for that matter. I am a small firm myself , 1 fulltime employee, 2 part time and a part time office person, that started in late 2005. So spending less than $1500 I thought was a great deal for what I received. The company did do in fact exactly what Jeff described in his post, and I take full responsibility for that due to it being my fault for not doing more research on the website when live. Again for that I am truly sorry to you all. This is not what I or my company wants to be known for or what we stand for. We pride ourselves on integrity and trust, without that you have nothing. That is why I am posting this, this evening.

At this time we have suspend our website with the help of one of the part time young men that work for me. I also spoke with I&W Multimedia, the company on which I hired and have informed them of their error. Prior to speaking with them I had early this morning spoke with Jeff, from First Klass Window Cleaning Inc. I apologized to him and verified what he said to be true; I had this conversation in my back pocket when speaking with the so called web master that designed our web site. When I challenged him on where the layout and images came from he told me he got the while surfing the net and said it was all completely legal, That is when I came back with really “Then why would I received a call from a gentleman form a company in Wisconsin sating otherwise", I then mention to him that I spoke with the owner of the website where he took/stole the images and design, he fessed up immediately, especially after I mentioned that Jeff would be contacting a “copy law lawyer” (Thanks for that one Jeff, I owe you a ton there and for everything else!!)
I then asked to speak with his boss or owner, and I informed him of my issues and stated expect that I expecta full refund, or I would to be seeking advice and retaining the help of a lawyer. We went back and forth with a few un-pleasantries, needless to say the least, I am stopping by tomorrow to receive a certified cashier’s check for the full amount.
I again wanted to apologize to you all!

I do not want to push my luck, but I would like to ask two things. 1st please have no association with I&W Multimedia, located in Chicopee, MA, if you are in the northeast. 2nd, I am now with out a web site, with the return of my investment I didn’t know if anyone can suggest a web design company, I can have the young man that works in my office do some, but all the paypal, and payment stuff, not to mention the client log in info. I do not feel we are capable to handle this large of a project?
Thank you all for you time!

Sorry to hear about that, I guess I will ask Jeff if its on his!

What kind of client login stuff is needed?


I have a great web design agency that i work with, and i refer my friends and clients to them all the time.

you can view there web site at, they have affordable rates.
If you are interested in more information feel free to pm me or email me at [email protected]

i have know the owner of the firm for a while now, and seen alot of there work and it is all orginal and A+.

What was originally there was to have them login to a client center, this center would allow them to make and cancel appointments, pay their bill via pay pal and submit testimonials. I have a little knowledge of wed building, but it is just from reading books and checking out the web, I have been spending a lot of time on they have over 2080 web site template, I just not sure how to go about changing them. I have more research to do on what I can and cannot use from our old site. So far from what I have seen It was only the images that were taken and used, all the writing I submitted via emails and letters to the webmaster so that is all original, Basically the top part of our site is what is in question. it look identical to first klass’s site, I think I can salvage everything else, but transferring to a new web page is where I get lost… again I’m a window washer not a web designer.

Jeff forwarded me the contact of the person who did his web site; I will be reaching out to them soon.


Thanks I would love their info, I will need to start this all over and get quotes. I am just looking for a compamy I can now trust. after this last disaster.

I don’t think we can gain anything further by continuing to post in this thread. I don’t want to see things escalate any further. At this point I believe any further discussion on the matter will detract from the professionalism of the forum. So I am closing the topic from further posting.